Weekend magic at Ce Soir

First of all, hello! Glad you could drop in!

Second…Russell Eponym charmed and delighted everyone with his selections of children’s poetry and nursery rhymes on Friday. How wonderful! Russell is a true Renaissance man, and one steeped in knowledge and understanding of the arts. His grasp of history is astounding and he simply wove it into his reading. We always seem to learn from Russell, and that is a sweet bonus that comes along with the enjoyment we share as we gather to hear him read to us. His voice is expressive and agile and he infuses every poem with such life. Please do join us for his next reading. (Date and time to be announced soon!)

And so…we were off and running into the weekend with a smile! Saturday was spent on that other grid known as “real life,” and now we’re ready for a return for a wonderful Sunday evening. Come along and enjoy it with us! There’s quite a line-up in store!

PM Bookmite

SUNDAY, 5 PM SLT: PM Bookmite returns to Ce Soir with his beautiful and professionally crafted music. We’ve known PM for some time now – way before Ce Soircame into being – and he’s a good friend and someone we admire. As always, he will fill Ce Soir with melodic piano and a voice that makes you want to dance or just sit down and listen. PM is a seasoned singer-songwriter influenced by a broad range of artists including Leon Russell, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Billy Joel and Elton John to contemporary artists such as Gabe Dixon, Jeff Black, and Ben Folds. PM‘s originals are simply beautiful pieces of music, his lyrics filled with images to inspire you, and his piano playing and vocals will captivating. It’s a pleasure to host him – and you – at Ce Soir, so come along and enjoy with us!

TwinGhost Ronas

6 PM SLT: The one-and-only TwinGhost Ronas will join us for an hour of what is truly easy listening – and more. There is a depth of emotion and a sweetness to TG‘s music – even the “edgier” stuff. His music, while heavily flavored with that 70’s innocence and cool groove, is so unique and new you might find yourself just standing there, completely taken by it. No worries! Happens to me too, and it’s always an enjoyable experience. His ever-deepening style – one that all but defies description – with both covers and sensitive, powerful originals is a distillation of rootsy soulful rock and pop brilliance. Once you’ve heard him, you’ll be back for more, guaranteed, because an hour with TG on stage is more than memorable. Come listen…

Skye Galaxy

7 PM SLT: SKYE GALAXY steps to the Ce Soir piano. From the very first note as it wafts through the hall, you can tell you are in for something special. The energy is undeniable, the sound mesmerizing. Instrumentally, Skye is brilliant, but when he sings, something incredible begins to happen. His whispery but strong voice enthralls and when he captures those higher notes, you will swear an angel is present. Such a sound, rich and full, makes a Skye Galaxy show pure magic. His music will sweep you along on a journey of power and grace that you will want to take again and again, as he creates for us a celestial atmosphere of voice and piano that both soothes and thrills. No matter the song, he makes it his own – from sweet Beatles tunes to astonishing Adele and beyond. Join us for this hour of magic from a truly phenomenal musician.

See you tonight! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/205/185/1001

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