Monday with Loreen and then…Anek with Guitar Therapy!

♫ ♬ 6 PM SLT at Ce Soir – LOREEN ALDRIN LIVE! ♫ ♬

Loreen AldrinLoreen Aldrin will surprise you with her powerful yet sweet voice, entrance you with her guitar and leave you begging for more, more, more! Loreen will rock you out, make you cry, and everything in between. A multi-instrumentalist since her adolescence, Loreen excels on guitar and piano, has played in bands for over 15 years, and has toured extensively across Europe, most recently with a top musician on a world tour. This is a return engagement for her at Ce Soir, and we are thrilled to bring her back! Call your friends! Let’s make it a party!

♫ ♬ 7-9 PM SLT at Ce Soir – ANEK FUCHS with TWO HOURS of Guitar Therapy! ♫ ♬

Anek FuchsGuitar legend Anek Fuchs is back to rock Ce Soir with his electrifying sound. He’s been on the grid awhile, and from that first riff, the place just has not been the same! That sound is riveting, those fingers flying like a bumblebee over the strings. It’s amazing, I tell you, and if you’ve not had the pleasure, then you’d best get yourself over here tonight. Whether he is SHREDDING the strings or tenderly making them sing, an Anek Fuchsshow is a must-see, must-hear. Come hear the master! It’s GUITAR THERAPY, and the doctor is in!


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