So. What does one do with a “day off”? Hmmm…


Yes, today is a DAY OFF for us at Ce Soir. We do take a day or two for ourselves every week, but this one is a bit different. It’s TUESDAY! We usually have shows and/or readings on Tuesdays. But not today!

We will peruse the calendar and look for spots for some artists new to us, communicate with a few people about upcoming dates, and make sure that the “rolling restart” goes well (teehee!). We might do a little gardening at our home place…oh, wait! I forgot! We’re gonna change it…more or less…COMPLETELY! It might not happen today, but it’s going to be changed soon. I might take a few photos, so we can remember how it is now. It’s absolutely lovely – a “northern shore” motif that we very much like. But…I am missing Provence…Paris…and some other wonderful places we have lived or visited. So, this will be fun! Eventually! Who knows how quickly or slowly this adventure will move along, but…move along it shall.

Add to this our desire to build another level of Ce Soir Music & Arts. Ah, yes! Plans are afoot…and the summer stretches out before us with many hours of enjoyment ahead! So…as we go about these things, we trust that you are having a great Tuesday and that you will soon return to visit us at Ce Soir. Of course, you are welcome any time. Dance, relax, enjoy the Guest Gallery, meander the venue space. Whatever you do – whether you do it at Ce Soir or some other lovely spot – ENJOY!

We also plan to attend a wonderful conference session with the Dalai Lama at Mayo Clinic II Conference Center. It’s this morning at 8 AM SLT…and the topic is Reslience through Mindfulness. Wonderful!

Mireille waves….

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