Beautiful poetry at Ce Soir today with Morgue McMillan…and Ex-FM Radio LIVE


1 PM SLT – Morgue McMillan reads her poetry at The Magic Tree. Coloured by her involvement in spiritual and humanist causes, her poetry will speak.

4 PM SLT – Ex-FM Radio broadcasts live. Experiment Rhode shares a vast collection of popular musical masterpieces and fascinating insight into the music & musicians.

This was my Subscribe-O note today, and we are very much looking forward to two excellent events. We so enjoy sharing beautiful art, poetry, music – and information – at Ce Soir, and so today offers us two opportunities to do just that!

Morgue McMillan returns to The Magic Tree Reading Spot at Ce Soir to share more of her striking and important poetry. Covering an array of topics related to society and relationship, Morgue weaves lovely phrases together with emotion; it will surprise and delight you with its intensity and sensitivity. Do come join us at 1 PM SLT. Catch this breeze:

Then, at 4 PM SLT, musicologist Experiment Rhode will treat us to some of the best popular music from the 20th century. His knowledge of the music he plays for us – and the musicians who created it – will astound you. If you have ever been the least bit curious about the evolution of popular music and the musicians who wrote, produced, played, and/or sang it…well, this show is for you! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn quite interesting facts about the music we love! We’ll be upstairs in the main venue space, so just land and come on up!

Have a lovely day, everyone!

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