JordanReyne returns! Russell Eponym, PonD, and MoShang too!

♫ ♬ A Truly SPECIAL DAY at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

JordanReyne Deezul

2 PM SLT – JordanReyne Deezul returns LIVE with her astounding industrial electronica. Lovely Celtic melodies entwine with steam and factory sounds in this stunning darkwave music. It is a new genre and we find Jordan‘s creation of it transcendent. It is a blend of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences in a rather glorious musical landscape. Ethereal vocals weave themselves over and through a rhythmic base of sound that will take your attention. Jordan‘s is a powerful voice that is as inviting as it is electric, and some songs are as soft as a cloud whilst others are bold as beautiful brass. Come to Ce Soir and share the hour with JordanReyne and enjoy her brilliant sound. Help us welcome her back to the grid following a recent absence. Let her know how much she has been missed. This will be a special hour, indeed!

The Music Whisperer

3 PM SLT – We throw the door open for Russell Eponym next. His inimitable style, warm and inviting, will captivate us as always. Historical folk tales set to music and modern tunes are but a part of his repertoire, as Russell’s own enchanting and musically rich compositions are the highlight of his performance. Indeed the beloved melodies are hummed and sung by the many who know them, right along with him. A consummate artist, Russell Eponym charms audiences with his velvety voice, intricate acoustic guitar (and often, other instruments), and pleasing mix of “Folk, Blues and Beyond.” Russell unplugged – don’t miss it!


4 PM SLT – PonD drops in with his unique blend of Americana music that has an international appeal. PonD brings a history of songwriting and professional touring to his Second Life performances. A true artist and poet, his originals have been featured in several RL and SL venues. We invite you to come along and enjoy his special blend of captivating melodies and whimsical story songs! This man loves this music, and I think his own quotation says it best: “Sing the true song of your heart.” ~ PonD


8 PM SLT – MoShang Zhao returns to Ce Soir to enchant us with his unique and lovely Chinese Chill. MoShang and his music are truly favourites at Ce Soir – so much that he is a regular, every Thursday night! We look forward to this hour and would love to share it with you, for what a pleasure it is to hear the silken tones of music from The Sound Jeweler! MoShang’s music will both soothe and energise your spirit and get you ready for rest or a lively day. Come hear the magic and relax with this expressive and moving downbeat electronica…the transcendent Chinese Chill!

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