What a night! We started off with The Kentucky Gentleman, STEELY DECOSTA in fine voice and tune. He played a great set that was enjoyed by all. He is really versatile and has some outstanding songs in his repertoire, many of which the ladies just love. Steely is a great performer and a wonderful guy who keeps the music coming. He’ll be back in a fortnight, so plan to come round!

Then, the very sweet-voiced and tender-hearted TERRYLYNN MELODY took the stage. She was in her groove last night, and we had a great time listening to some songs she’s just added to her already lengthy song list. Every one was a gem and we are already looking forward to her next show! We hope you’ll join us for it too!

Donn Devore (AKA Edward Kyomoon) was up next, and we were all happy to see him, since he was away last week. There was quite a crowd remaining from our earlier shows and plenty of new folks had begun dropping in, just to hear him and his amazing ROCK and more! Nothing unusual about that. But something was amiss with the stream, and – try as we might – we could not sort it! Soon, it became apparent that Donn had lost internet altogether, and would be unable to do the show. It was a sad moment for us all, but just one of those things that happens now and again in this digital world. Everyone was great about the situation – patient whilst Donn and Mireille tried to assess the situation from both ends, and quite kind when the reality settled in. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again right now: we get the BEST-looking, BEST-behaving crowds at Ce Soir! You folks ROCK! We thank you for your patience and kindness. Donn was disappointed, as we all were. But, we’ll just pick up where we left off next time! Come round in two week’s time to catch the rock wizard here at Ce Soir; you will be welcome!

To round out the evening, TUKSO OKEY stepped to the stage. WOW! He can really take us on a ride – and that’s just what he did. We were all entranced and nicely mellowed out…and the energy was just fantastic. We were almost moving as one in response to that mesmerising rhythm! He had us at a fever pitch more than once, and brought us back home with a safe landing. WOOTS! There just is nothing like what we call The Tukso Experience, and if you’ve not had the privilege, you need to get with it! Look him up in search and GO! Of course, you’ll be welcome back here at Ce Soir to enjoy Tukso‘s musical magic in a fortnight. See you here!

All-in-all, it was a wonderful night at Ce Soir. We had outstanding music all evening long – and we got the treat of seeing the best in people when we had to cancel Donn‘s show due to technical issues. What a joy – from start to finish! Thank you all!

♫ ♬ MONDAY at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

5 PM SLT – Steely Decosta: deft guitar + strong vocals + passion = a great show.

6 – TerryLynn Melody: eclectic & fun, serious with music and a voice to delight.

7 – Edward Kyomoon: dynamic, powerful rock and moving, tender love songs – all in one.

8 – Tukso Okey: a magnetic musical experience…not to be missed!

It’s gonna be quite a night! Do come along to enjoy with us! Just land and come on upstairs in the main venue building. See ya there!

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