Weekend roundup – so to speak…

What a weekend! There were lots of things happening ’round the grid, and we made sure to check most of them out – or so it seems, as Monday morning comes round. Whew! But it was so much fun! Some of the events we visited are now concluded, but we had such a great time going that we’ve decided to be more timely in the blog. In fact, we might be adding something to this blog to make that a bit easier, because we’d like to share information with you about places you can still go…things you can still do…etc. But, for now, here’s a sampling of our weekend wanderings – just in case you’re interested. If not – look for a new post coming shortly about Monday at Ce Soir!

Fantasy Faire was just, well, fantastic! The nine Fairieland sims were well-done, lag-low (low-lag??). Well, it was low on the lag scale the four or five times we went – except for the close of the silent auction – hehe! The offerings from well over 100 fantasy creators were just outstanding. Sim sponsors like Mayah Parks, Kayle Matzerath, and Alia Baroque went all-out and created thematically sound and rich sims that took our imaginations for a ride. Beautiful! We got lots of cool stuff, but were outbid in the silent auction on most of the items we wanted. Alia grabbed the gator (sounds kinda dangerous to me…), so I was just crestfallen – but Mireille brought home some excellent things, some of which you might just see at Ce Soir in coming weeks. All-in-all, a hearty congrats to event organizers and all those wonderful creators and musicians who made it so much fun! The best part is that loads of $L were raised for Relay for Life in SL! Way to go, people!

There was some really HOT music on the grid this past weekend too…and we heard a bunch of it! We couldn’t make it to Lord Damar‘s grand opening of the new space at The Source (Twilight) due to some RL interference on the clock, but we heard it was a great party in a wonderful new area for listening and dancing. We’ll get over there soon, you can bet! In the meantime: Congrats for adding another great spot to an already outstanding venue!

The Grifio Art Gallery (grand opening runs through 04 May) was a very enjoyable stop on a four-gallery tour we decided to take Saturday night. We’d been out (RL) for dinner and decided, after a nice stroll under the stars, to login and check these four galleries out before the clock struck midnight. Grifio was the last of the four we visited, and although we enjoyed the other three, this one had something special. Perhaps it was the clean, sleek lines of the gallery structure itself that lended it so well to the quite colourful contemporary art we found inside. Whatever it was, the collection is a must-see for anyone interested in Italian or international contemporary art. We have a feeling we’ll be visiting this gallery again.

Early yesterday, we stopped in for the last day of Pose Fair 2012. It was awesome! We thought it well-laid-out and easy to navigate, and there were locations for the big guns in posemaking – handily next to some newer posers; all were offering some fresh and fun poses for both singles and couples at excellent price points! We came home with a little bundle of fun and can’t wait to get out the camera! Truly, we thank Katey Coppola and her cohorts for putting on – again – a great Pose Fair, one of the best annual events for shoppers, photographers, you-name-it. It can’t be easy to gather all those creators in one spot and make the traffic flow work, etc., but they did it. Brava!

Last night, we popped round to Key West to see what Liz Harley and her buddies had put together as a fundraiser for Relay for Life in SL. Never disappointing, the shows were simply outstanding! It was all about dual streaming from some of the grid’s very best musicians. We were fortunate enough to catch Voodoo Shilton and Stella Silvansky. Wow! Voo had just been up with Avantegarge Frequency on bass, too. We could not stay to hear more, but were so pleased to see people hitting the RFL kiosks and having a fantastic time! Thanks, Liz! You rock!

Not busy enough (coff!), Mireille decided we needed new profile shots. So…she got out that cam and we went to work. Funny, that…it was lots of yummy fun (if you know what I mean – grins!). She had us kissing and cuddling up a storm out there in the venue space. It was really something, and I think you’ll agree that it was a successful photo session! Mireille looks absolutely wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, incredible…and I ain’t too bad, myself! Catch our profiles if you wanna see what I mean. Chucklezzzzz.

The whole week was great – from the visit by the Dalai Lama at Mayo Clinic II on Monday last to last night’s double-fab music at Key West. We hope you had an enjoyable week and weekend too. Now, it’s time to look ahead at the coming week at Ce Soir. I’ll be back in a bit.


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