Psst…it’s Global LOVE Day!

Today is a special day – around the world! It’s GLOBAL LOVE DAY!

The Love Foundation (, a non-profit organisation founded in 2000 and focused on encouraging people everywhere to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY began the remembrance in 2004. We think it’s a lovely idea, and so, we celebrate! Come join us tonight at Ce Soir to enjoy some wonderful music and thoughts of love (see listing of musicians, below).

LOVE is in the air! And, as The Love Foundation‘s motto reminds us:

“Love Begins With Me”

Note: The Global Love Day logo depicted above was designed by Annie Zalezsak, a creative designer from the UK in 2004 for the first-ever Global Love Day celebration and is the property of The Love Foundation; this use is considered fair use, as the logo is found across the internet and in other publications and is used by many groups to promote Global Love Day – which is our intention here.

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