Tuesday rolls round again…

I must thank Aeon for taking such good care of the blog these past days. I have been busy with a plethora of things – every one interesting, even intriguing. As I sit here this morning, in this cool mist that seems to have enveloped us as we slept, I ponder many things, but now begin to think about the day – and evening – ahead. Tonight will be lovely and fun at Ce Soir, and we hope you’ll come along…

Gina Stella

The lovely Gina Stella graces the Ce Soir stage first tonight. We are always so happy to see Gina; not only is she an outstanding musician with a voice like an angel, but also she is an incredible delight! Her spirit is light and free and her giggle is absolutely infectious! In fact, I am giggling right now, just thinking of it! Add to that her lovely voice and wonderful guitar-playing (not to mention that incredibly extensive song list!), and you’ve really got something! She can croon so softly and then belt out a number like no one else. Gina is wonderful, there’s no denying it, so come on over and join us for a sweet hour with her tonight at 5 PM SLT! You will enjoy it – guaranteed!

Quantamis Navarathna

Up next at 6 PM SLT, the enchanting Quantamis Navarathna steps to the microphone. Elegant and relaxed, sweet and mystical, an hour with Quantamis is a lovely journey – one that will take you back in time and forward into the future. We think of Quantamis as just perfect for Ce Soir, for he evokes such a sense of magic with his lovely original music – and with the covers he chooses so well. He has that Texas charm going, and we never tire of hearing him. Besides, he has new songs to share – some of which he has recently recorded with The Lost Forest Band. (What a great name for a band!) Grab the magic carpet below and sail on over for an hour you won’t soon forget…

Anek Fuchs

Following Gina and Quantamis is that renowned guitar master, Anek Fuchs. What on earth can I say? He’s earthy – and other-worldly! He’s solid as a rock and as ethereal as the vapor that rises from the ponds in summer. He’s so hot, he’s cool! He defies description – except to say that he is simply amazing with that guitar, and when he sings it’s just awesome. He is definitely one-of-a-kind, and you must come hear him if you’ve not yet had the pleasure. Even if you have, it’s always time for Guitar Therapy with Anek! He’ll have command of the stage (and the whole place, actually!) for two whole hours (7-9 PM SLT), so there’s no reason not to hop that spaceship below and join us for this very special orbit! Get ready!


We do hope to see you at Ce Soir – and around the grid! Come enjoy the space, even when there is not a show going on. There is always the Guest Gallery to enjoy (holding the treasures of Lorac Farella‘s stunning art – for just a bit longer), the venue grounds with lots of little spaces to be enjoyed, and just the ambience of the place with you in it. Dance, relax, gather with friends and chat. You are welcome here!

And so, as I bid you adieu until ce soir…as the newscaster on this local station we are watching always seems to say, let’s make it a great day!

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