Another fine day in store – UPDATE!

JordanReyne Deezul

Oh, yes, people! Thursday was awesome! How could it be otherwise, with these great musicians and the best audiences anywhere? Mireille is sitting right next to me, and we are penning this post together – joyfully! Our day began with JordanReyne Deezul coming in at 2 PM SLT. How wonderful that she is back on the grid and bringing her wonderful music for all to enjoy! A mystical dark electronica blended with sweet Celtic melodies and industrial sounds like steam and metal-on-metal makes her music more than magical; it’s mystical and compelling. We had said, here in the blog, that we didn’t want any of you to miss it  – and I don’t think hardly anyone did! WOW, whatta crowd! Jordan‘s got a sizeable following, and I think they were all here. Well, not ALL, but – you get the idea: the place was packed! And Jordan sang and played like the wonderful madwoman she is (we mean that in all the best ways possible, of course!). She just is that outstanding! Her music filled the hall and had everyone transfixed. Jordan’s voice is so beautiful and powerful, and she can take a song up and down the scale. She can whisper a melody, lift us on a lilting tune, belt out a song, and even confront us with a strength that takes your breath away. She is reinventing her genre as she goes and its a pleasure to be in the presence of that process. Sheer genius! Thank you, Jordan!

Russell Eponym 2Then, to follow at 3 PM SLT, the inimitable Russell Eponym took the stage to share his warmth, wit, and wonder. “Folk, blues and beyond” just about says it, but it is more, somehow. His velvety voice always just wraps itself around a range of covers and brilliant originals that delight and enchant audiences far and wide. We’d said here, “Come hear The Music Whisperer!” – and come you did! Let us just say that the transition between Jordan‘s set and Russell‘s today was the busiest transition between shows we can remember! People were popping in, out, and BACK in. Yes! BACK in. There were several who left and came right back, having decided not to miss the man who had so helped Jordan when she was new in SL. How do we know that? They told us! Woot! Add those folks to those who are fans of both AND The Eponymous Family who gathers wherever Russell is to be found…well, let’s just say we were busy! And Russell, true and sure as always, did not disappoint. The show was sweet and filled with enchantment. Do catch him somewhere soon…and here again next week!

We took a little break (whew!), and came back rarin’ to go at 7 PM SLT for AcousticEnergy Nitely, who came in to give us an hour of  his incredible, soulful, powerful music. He plays a mean guitar and sings like a bird in spring, and we were very happy to welcome him to the Ce Soir stage for the first time! Originally, we’d had Alex Mays on the schedule, but he had one of those RL scheduling conflicts that come along, now and again, so when AE was willing to take the spot, we were overjoyed! We’d been wanting him to come round and play, anyway, and, well, no time like the present! So…off we went! It was a busy time too, and everyone truly enjoyed his set. AE is a talented, fun, truly entertaining artist, and he sang for us some of the most beautiful music ever written. He took us through the emotional spectrum, and had us crying at one point, and laughing up a storm at another! This guy brings it, and we loved it! AE has a great name, for his acoustic music has a special energy that had us in the palm of his hand, and had us dancing to his tune in no time. What a great show! Thank you, AE! There’s always room for you on the Ce Soir calendar!

MoShang Zhao

At 8 PM SLT, after such a great day, we were quite ready to chill with MoShang Zhao, The Sound Jeweler. Indeed, MoShang arrived to wrap the night in silken threads and tones so soothing and energising that we’ll be ready for rest or a lively day ahead. MoShang and his music are favourites at Ce Soir, and we love Thursdays because it’s time for the fabulous Chinese Chill. This night, he brought some new music along for us to enjoy – and that’s just what we did! Swaying to the rhythms, taking a nice deep breath, relaxing and taking it all in! There’s just something about MoShang‘s music that calms and relaxes the mind, while at the same time, engaging and sharpening perception. It’s a new take on things, something truly fresh and alive, each time. We don’t know how he does it, but he takes those street sounds and other inspirations from his environment and polishes them to musical perfection! Thank you, MoShang! Great set, as always!

And so, we move into another day. Filled up and happy, rested and relaxed. What better way to take on the weekend? Have a great one!

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