Wolfie Moonshadow, Loreen Aldrin and Anek Fuchs give us a powerful start to the week!

After a busy three-day weekend, we start a new week at Ce Soir. Of course, there were things happening all weekend – including a first step in expanding the venue space. We’ve added a third more area – but it’s presently unavailable, as it is not yet ready. So…if you would be so kind, please ignore what’s going on at the back third of the venue space. Barriers remain in place – for now – and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work. We will be finished soon and have the area open for exploration late this week or next. In the meantime, here’s what’s in store for us tonight:

5 PM SLT – WOLFIE MOONSHADOW debuts at Ce Soir! This well-known powerhouse of sound brings his music to our stage tonight, and we are very pleased to welcome him. Do come along and enjoy this versatile and fun-loving musician as he sings his way right into your heart! Wolfie knows his audience and greets newcomers as friends; his warmth is contagious, his humour charming, his music outstanding. Don’t miss this!

6 PM SLT – LOREEN ALDRIN returns to take us on a special musical journey. What a voice! “Golden-throated” is a term that comes to mind when thinking about Loreen. She is a talented and multi-faceted musician who will draw you in with her whisper, captivate you with her vocal range, and get you rocking with her capacity to belt out a song like there’s no tomorrow. Loreen is always surprise…just waiting for you…

7 PM SLT – ANEK FUCHS is back with two hours of the most incredible guitar and vocals to be found anywhere. He is the guitar virtuoso, the leader of the pack, so to speak. Whether he is giving us screamin’ electric rock, deep soulful blues, or sweet moving love songs with an intricate acoustic base, Anek Fuchs has what it takes – and more.

8 PM SLT – MORE ANEK! Yes, you read that right! We are pleased to bring another hour of the one and only Guitar Therapy your way. Woots!

Spring is blossoming at Ce Soir and summer is right around the corner. Come enjoy the ambience of the place – and this music – tonight!

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