The end of the week is near…!

Ah, oui! Le weekend! He is soon upon us…and are we glad! So much happening at Ce Soir – and much of it to be soon revealed. But, for now, just ignore the activity and changes at the back of the venue space, please…and just wander and enjoy, as always!

This week was so good to us – such crowds we’ve had this week, and what music and art to enjoy! We thank each artist and audience member – you’ve made memories for us this week, and we’re not done with the week yet! Yaya!

Today, there are three shows at Ce Soir – each of them unique and wonderful. Information follows, so please join us if you like! You will be welcome!

3 PM SLT: Sunrise Rhapsody lights up the stage in a return engagement and delights us with some very sweet singing to music just right for dancing! Her lilting voice will capture your heart and the rhythms will get your feet gliding across the floor. Come enjoy an hour of lovely music and dancing at Ce Soir!

4 PM SLT: PonDman Haalan returns with his charming Americana with an international appeal. A true poet, PonD revisits some of America’s greatest music from the 60s and 70s. His rendition of “The City of New Orleans” is a treat, and when he sings “Mr. Bojangles,” we all cry and smile together. Come join us!

8 PM SLT: MoShang Zhao drops in for his weekly hour of Chinese Chill at Ce Soir. This soothing electronica – a mix of tones from the streets of Taiwan that The Sound Jeweler himself has polished to musical perfection – both relaxes and energises the spirit. Come enjoy this elegant slide into the night…and le weekend!

We hope to see you…Ce Soir!

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