A working weekend….and a very cool Sunday to top it off…!

Yes, we are hard at work at Ce Soir. Well, part of the time! It is the weekend, and we do wish to take a little time to enjoy the RL spring as well as the lovely one we are having in SL. As Aeon says, “It’s always a balmy 72F in SL – and it’s especially lovely at Ce Soir!”

We will be planning and working on the addition to the venue space off and on all weekend. Who knows what we might get done? But…it’s all good and all fun for us! We’re also looking to the week ahead, and it starts with a BIG BANG on Sunday! Check this line-up!

2 PM SLT –  JooZz and Al Hofmann: These two jazz masters will fly in (see photo, left!) to bring us some incredible improvisational music that will get your attention and your groove going. Professional musicians with exemplary credentials, JooZz and Al will be streaming LIVE from Al’s studio in Amsterdam. They usually stream from their individual locations when they jam together, so this will be a treat for them – and for us. Both of them jam online in some pretty stellar company, and they fit right in, creating some truly astounding and quite beautiful music along the way. Come enjoy JooZz on magical keys and Al on outstanding midi-guitar as they jam and take us along for the ride!


6 PM SLT –  Dragonfly:  Join us for Dragonfly‘s debut at Ce Soir. We’re excited to have him in, and we know we’re all going to have a great time listening as he creates his music in the moment. Cutting-edge stuff, this! Joel Eilde (Dragonfly‘s lead and most everything else) is a unique and quite creative musician with a vision of innovation and electronic wizardry that you just have to hear to believe. We remember hearing him for the first time, and just can’t wait to hear him, again and again. It’s not like anything else you’ve heard, this we can guarantee – that, and the fact that you’re going to enjoy it! He’s ready and so are we – so come on over!

8 PM SLT –  TwinGhost Ronas:  A perennial fave at Ce Soir and around the grid, TwinGhost will bring his astounding set to round off the night. What better way could there be? We can’t think of a thing for this night, especially, as TwinGhost has it all: the writing, playing, vocals and presence to carry it off in style. Always something new from this musician with an ever-deepening repertoire of covers and powerful, sensitive originals. It’s cooler than cool, hotter than hot, and you just have to be here as TG takes off for the stratosphere – grounded, as he is, in a love of the great music of the 70s. Oh, yeah!

Come and enjoy this day of the ultimate in jazz, blues and innovation. See you here!

Venue landing point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/205/185/1001

FOOTNOTE FROM THURSDAY: The weather is lovely in SL, I do agree. But still, sometimes, things happen to interfere with our enjoyment. Last night, there was an interruption in our usually-smooth ISP’s operation. To put it bluntly, neither I nor Aeon could get online to login! It was terribly frustrating, as this happened just about an hour before MoShang Zhao‘s regular Thursday night show at Ce Soir. At first, we weren’t worried. We called the ISP and they were already aware of the local outage and were working on it – with an ETR of about 45 minutes. OK, we thought – cutting it pretty close, but hoping it would end up to be even a shorter time. HA! It took them well over an hour, and why should we be surprised? Technology is wonderful – when it works – and when it doesn’t, well, sometimes it takes some time to set things aright. The bottom line is this: We are so very sorry that this interruption in service interfered with one of our favourite musician’s shows at Ce Soir! MoShang has been quite understanding (of course!), and even a few of his frequent audience members attempted to contact us to ensure all was well. We’ve done what we can to contact those who so often come round to enjoy MoShang, and those who have responded have been quite gracious. Thank you all! (And bless our ISP. :-))

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