It’s THAT Monday again! WOOTS!

There are Mondays, and there are…well, MONDAYS. This is one of the latter. Four excellent musicians will come to Ce Soir in a nice order (one, right after the other), from 5 PM SLT right on through the 8 PM SLT hour. Each one will bring a special something to the hour they share with us, and – if I may be so bold – a very good time will be had by all! I am certainly looking forward to it! Here’s the lineup:

♫ ♬ MONDAY Night at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

5 PM SLTSteely Decosta: The Kentucky Gentleman, himself, brings us an hour of deft guitar, strong vocals, and a passion for music you can hear in every note. It’s gonna be a great show, so come on over!

6 PM SLT TerryLynn Melody: A real sweetheart, TerryLynn is eclectic and fun, very serious about her music but light-hearted and inviting. She’s got a voice that delights, and you don’t wanna miss it!

7 PM SLT Edward Kyomoon/Donn Devore: This dynamic, powerful rocker brings it all – lush guitar, engaging vocals, and more energy than you can imagine. He’s got that AND moving, tender love songs – both covers and striking originals – that will get you dancing!

8 PM SLT – Tukso Okey: A legend in his own time, Tukso is a magnetic musical experience. That beat! The way he reads the audience and gives us back our own life-force in guitar riffs and sensuous vocals…well, you just gotta hear it to believe it!

Sounds pretty good, eh? Yep! It’s gonna be quite a night! Just stick that landing and come upstairs in the main venue building. See ya there!

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