Sunday was STUNNING!

Wow, Sunday was a stunner. (And we did NOT get ANY work done on the venue space, but we don’t care. It was just that great a weekend!)

First, JooZz and Al Hofmann took us on a very cool and very jazzy magic carpet ride. For more than an hour, they treated us to the best in jazz, filling the hall with groove. It was like a whirlwind, it went so fast, but we were having such a relaxing, invigorating time, we just didn’t notice until well past the hour. JooZz on magic keys is like riding a wave. I could almost see the keyboard rise up off the piano and wend its way around the hall. Add Al on fantastic midi-guitar, and the sound is just so rich and resonant…a vibe you can’t deny. We’re inviting them back, of course! And JooZz on his own too – the magic is palpable and very real. It gets you where you live and lifts you up. Even the sad songs, as they pull you down into them, stir something deep within that frees your spirit and sets it soaring. Stay tuned for more of this!

Later in the day, Dragonfly popped in and shared some of his new and cutting edge music, along with some very well-chosen covers. Unique, innovative and moving, this music made the hour speed past – but even so, we got to wish his Mum a happy Mother’s Day! Catch Dragonfly (Joel Eilde) the very next time you can. He’s seen – and heard – around the grid, so you have no excuse! Once you hear him…your curiosity about what he’s going to do next will – all by itself – cause you to seek him out again. Now, go on. Look him up. Go, I say!

A bit later, the one and only TwinGhost Ronas graced the Ce Soir stage once more, bringing us his truly amazing sound to enjoy. Deep and thoughtful, this man infuses his music with so much soul! You can hear the echo of the 70s – a period of time TwinGhost loves for its music – and he makes that echo sing. Playing a fantastic acoustic guitar, he wows us with a unique and mellow voice that just reaches in and grabs you as the words hit your ears – and your heart. TwinGhost chooses his music carefully, and there is so much of it that no two sets could ever be the same. A prolific and gifted songwriter, his originals are – like him – perennial faves at many fine venues across the grid. We are so pleased to have him in, any time, but he’s another one you just have to hear – no matter where. But don’t forget us (as if you could…)….

So, Sunday fades into a fine memory. Thank you for joining us (if you did) and/or for reading about it (which you are now doing, obviously!). We love to share wonderful music, exceptional art, poetry, literature…the works! And for now – for Sunday – a fine memory will definitely do.

Ce Soir Music & Arts Venue

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