UPDATE: And we’re off and running!

AMAZING! It’s a word we’ve all heard – and likely too often for it to carry much meaning for us, anymore. But, well, this night was amazing! Gina sang like the angel she is and a nice crowd gathered to enjoy every note. Dancing, chatting and just relaxing and having a great time was the order of the hour, and Gina brought that wonderful voice and extensive repertoire… It was wonderful! And then, Quantamis came along with his magical, mystical music. Such sweetness, such beauty! We truly enjoyed it and are already looking forward to next time! When Anek took the stage for his two-hour journey, he handed us an hour of wonderful love songs and mellow rock. It was so relaxing and freeing… And then, the clock struck 8 and we were off and running headlong into some of the best hard-edged rock and urban music EVER. He was exploring, and we got to watch – and hear! It was…otherwordly. What a night for Ce Soir!

Below, my original post for today. And it all came true! Yaya!

Wow. We are indeed off and running – straight into the week, and with all engines engaged. It’s the middle of the month, and instead of having the doldrums, we’re absolutely ebullient! That’s not the sun shining in from outside, that’s us. Beaming! Pretty happy, that’s for sure, and Tuesday’s shows are part of the reason why. It’s the artists we’re having in, yes – every one of them (on any day at Ce Soir) brings something unique and special to their time on the Ce Soir stage – but its the audiences too. My goodness, we had a group last night..! Wheee! So, thank you all! Now, onward to Tuesday and its gifts:

♫ ♬ TUESDAY at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

5 PM SLT – GINA STELLA: heartfelt music in the voice of an angel…

6 PM SLT – QUANTAMIS NAVARATHNA: lyrical romance – mystical, magical…

7 PM SLT – ANEK FUCHS: 2 hours of Guitar Therapy transports to another dimension…

We hope you can join us!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/205/185/1001 As Aeon says, just stick that landing and come upstairs in the main venue building. We’ll be waiting to welcome you!

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