Meet Wednesday…

Hi! I’m Wednesday! I’ve got some good things in store for you at Ce Soir, so come on over!

♫ ♬ WEDNESDAY at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

1 PM SLT – Lisa Brune takes your breath away. She’s sweet and sultry, and audiences adore her!

2 PM SLT – JordanReyne Deezul redefines industrial folk. Celtic melodies & factory sounds mesmerise in steampunk magic.

3 PM SLT – Russell Eponym with musical folk tales & originals in “folk, blues & beyond…” will charm us, as always!

If you have EVER read this blog, you know full well that I have LOTS more to say about these three stellar musicians. Well, yes I do…but it’s soooo late and we just ended a four-hour musical extravaganza at Ce Soir…I’m SLEEPY, so (for right now) those three little reminders will have to do. If you’ve heard these three, that’s all you really need, anyway…and if you haven’t…well, then, get yourself over here at the appointed times! Bring your ears! You’re gonna love it!


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