Magnificent Mix: Art, Poetry, Jazz, Blues, and Sweet Chinese Chill…

Yes, today is a magnificent mix at Ce Soir, and we hope you’ll come along to enjoy it! There’s something for everyone…

The absolutely STUNNING artwork of Lorac Farella graces the Ce Soir Guest Art Gallery for just two weeks more. You don’t want to let this exhibit pass you by, for these works are from her private collection and we are most pleased that she has so kindly allowed us to show them. Each piece is a lovely expression of Loracs deep artistic talent, and as you pause before each of them, you will delight in her skill and sensitivity. As you gaze, the human forms come to life, the detail simply astounding. Please visit and take a bit of time with these beautiful and singularly profound pieces. This work is meant to be seen…and loved.

✫✦❀Russell Eponym Reads Celtic Verse at Ce Soir – Noon SLT ❀✦✫ Russell Eponym, known far and wide as an outstanding musician, songwriter and poet, brings to us today a wonderful hour of Celtic poetry. Join us at Ce Soir‘s The Magic Tree Reading Spot to hear Russell read some of the most delightful of rhymes, beloved the world over. An astute and experienced poet, Russell brings a rich history in education and the arts to everything he does. Come relax in the warm ambience as we gather round The Magic Tree on the venue grounds to hear Russell read in his wonderfully expressive voice these enchanting words as they paint beautiful pictures of rolling green hills and misty shores for us to enjoy. Catch the breeze…

♫ ♬ JooZz and Al Hofmann – Jammin’ Cool Jazz at Ce Soir – 3 PM SLT ♫ ♬ These two jazz masters are flying in to bring us incredible improvisational music in a return engagement to the Ce Soir Main Stage that will get our groove going. Professional musicians with exemplary credentials, JooZz and Al will stream LIVE from the Netherlands. This duo (together and individually) jams regularly online in some pretty stellar company, and they fit right in, creating some truly astounding music along the way. This is a treat for us at Ce Soir, and we invite you to come enjoy JooZz on magical keys and Al on midi-guitar as they jam and take us along for the ride!

♫ ♬ Alex Mays Returns! – 6 PM SLT♫ ♬ Join us for a great hour with the incomparable Alex Mays. Steeped in blues, southern rock, bluegrass, and jazz – he brings original compositions and covers that will get you moving. His connection with audiences and with his music runs deep and these tunes have an undeniable beat and melody lines that will keep running in your head long after the show is over. Keeping music true and from the heart is Alex‘s belief, and we are happy to welcome him to the Ce Soir Main Stage once more. It’s a party, so come on over!

♫ ♬ MoShang Zhao Chills at Ce Soir – 8 PM SLT♫ ♬ The wonderful and innovative musician, MoShang Zhao, returns to the Main Stage to enchant us with his unique and lovely Chinese Chill. It’s cool and entrancing. At once energising and soothing to the spirit, this blend of downbeat electronica is quite a way to close the day or to enjoy anytime. Come join us and enjoy these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection by The Sound Jeweler, himself. Traditional and new-wave instrumentation make a fine mix, indeed!

Take this LM for amazing live music today at Ce Soir! Just stick your landing and come on upstairs in the main venue building. We’ll be pleased to welcome you! Ce Soir Venue Landing Point:

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