UPDATE: Can’t wait til Monday! And what a night it was!

Monday was fantastic – worth the wait in every way! First, DarkShore popped in to share his exceptional music with us. Fresh from NASHVILLE JAM, his energy was up – even after hours of travel, the power of the experience just would not let up. How wonderful is that?! Accompanied by others who had been at the JAM – such as GMetal and Thea from GROUND ZERO – DarkShore was ready to fly! And fly he did! Such wonderful music and spirit filled the air at Ce Soir as he sang and played song after song. What a great set! And all of us SL Music Lovers got a taste of NASHVILLE JAM, even though we could not all be there. What a treat! Thank you, DarkShore – a better start to the night we could not have imagined! And – already – we are looking forward to his next show!

Then, the Guitar Master Anek Fuchs himself took the stage. And…he was not alone! Talk about surprises, this one was really something, for none other than BLU DUCROT came in with Anek to thrill us with some rocking guitar and vocals. WOW! Blu has been away from SL, save a concert or two, recently, and everyone was happy to see him…and hear him, of course! He and Anek were as slick as anything, jamming together and bringing us a rocking hour to enjoy, Anek‘s pulsing electric taking off from Blu‘s cool acoustic – with smooth harmonies to go with! There was some amazing Pink Floyd in that hour and everyone was surprised and more than happy to see Blu and Anek dual-streaming. OK, Anek! You can surprise us, anytime! (And he does, of course!) Blu was very sweet and thanked us (as we were thanking him!)…asking what he could say after such a fantastic set. My response? Say we’ll do it again! Soon! (And we will!) (Whispers: Thank you, Anek! Brilliant!)

Not to let the night end too soon, AMFORTE flew in and took the Ce Soir stage by storm! After some initial trouble with her stream (thank you, Mr. ISP – bah!), she was off and running into a rollicking set that had everyone rocking! People were dancing and laughing and carrying on – as they usually do – and, well, FALLING all over the place (*giggle!*)! It was a fabulous hour with THAT VOICE and AMFORTE‘s command of her guitar. We always enjoy her music, and tonight was just the ticket! We don’t let Mr. ISP win in the end. NEVAH! AMFORTE showed us who was boss and we loved it! Can’t wait til next time!

YESSSS…Monday was a surprise, all right! Thank you, DarkShore, Anek Blu, and AMFORTE! Thank you, audiences from up above! What a great night at Ce Soir!

ORIGINAL POST: Monday is going to be fabulous at Ce Soir! We have three great shows coming your way!

At 7 PM SLTDarkShore opens a night of music for us with his special brand of musical magic. In his publicity statement, we read: “A young man from a small town in the heart of America found release in music. Strong vocals support the soulful lyrics that have developed through two decades of breathing the songs. DarkShore shares originals full of challenges and hope, inspiration and insight, darkness and love. His heart is revealed. He likes to ride skateboards at night, rather than wearing sunglasses.” We think that’s just wonderful, and since we have heard him here at Ce Soir before, we can attest to his exceptional talent. DarkShore‘s voice is unique and expressive; the emotions rise from deep within to capture his true feelings and transmit them to listeners clearly. As a songwriter, he is deft and true – the melodies and intricacies of the songs are rich and full and deeply satisfying to hear.

Come hear DarkShore. His music will get your attention; his message of hope,  inspiration and the power of love will warm your heart and lift your spirit.

Then, at 8 PM SLT, the Guitar Master Anek Fuchs takes the stage by storm. Anek will bring us an hour of Guitar Therapy that will put an exclamation point on the week. Many things strike us about Anek’s music, but the most astounding (other than the lightning speed with which he can make a guitar sing) is his incredible versatility and steady delivery. Anek can shred strings and rock until the cows come home, and it will always be a unique experience that leaves you wanting more. You’ll likely crank your speakers to their limits as you open your mind to what is, every single time, an incredible ride.

But then…Anek can be tender with his guitar too, and draw from it sweet melodies to accompany his impressive vocals. Whether he is giving us screamin’ electric rock, deep soulful blues, or sweet moving love songs with an intricate acoustic base, Anek Fuchs has what it takes – and more. Well-chosen covers and creatively stunning originals will leave an impression – often literally burned into your brain, but sometimes just beautifully laid down. Oh. Just got an IM from Anek – he has a surprise for us tonight. Oh, boy…who knows what it is? I bet it will be fabulous, so come along and hear it for yourself; the hour will fly by and you’ll be glad you didn’t miss it!

To wrap the night, at 9 PM SLT, AMFORTE Clarity will step to the Ce Soir stage. There’s nothing better than hearing an artist with a unique perspective, and AMFORTE certainly brings that to her music. She can sing RadioHead, Cranberries, and a whole host of covers that are very well-chosen to let her show off that outstanding voice and command of the guitar and piano. A true musician who is focused on learning and exploring her own talents, AMFORTE is a stunner, letting her punk/rock roots show and making every song her own. She has a great name, because her voice is indeed, strong and clear. She doesn’t miss a note – and she sings Adele better than anyone we’ve heard. Exceptional music, sensitively sung and played, with emotion and conviction; I LOVE IT!

Join us for a fabulous hour of truly exceptional music with AMFORTE Clarity as she spices things up. Her punk/rock roots and powerful vocals will get you going and fill the hour with FUN! A musician’s musician, she’ll surprise you with her undeniable sound. Come join us!

So now you know what you have in store at Ce Soir for the beginning of next week. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you here!

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