Wonderful Wednesday – Poetry and Music Coming Your Way…

Wonderful Wednesday at Ce Soir is here! The pinnacle of the week brings us much to enjoy today – two of our favourite poets and one of our very favourite musicians will visit us today and grace us with their gifts of words and music. Join us midday (SLT!) and enjoy the ambience at The Magic Tree Reading Spot for two hours of engaging poetry – and then hop upstairs in the Main Venue for an hour of exceptionally fine music. Here’s the schedule:

-:¦:-♫ ♬ WEDNESDAY at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬-:¦:-

Noon SLT – RUSSELL EPONYM reads narrative poetry at The Magic Tree Reading Spot. Come enjoy the rich stories told in verse with Russell’s own touch of magic!

1 – MORGUE McMILLAN reads her beautiful poetry. Join us at The Magic Tree for striking images captured in words that engage and inspire.

2 – JORDANREYNE DEEZUL redefines industrial folk. Celtic melodies & factory sounds mix and mesmerise! Meet us at the Main Stage, upstairs in the main venue building. Hop on up and join us!

Catch the breeze to The Magic Tree Reading Spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/161/224/1001

The Magic Tree Reading Spot

Pop on over to the Main Venue Landing Point and head upstairs: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/205/185/1001

Ce Soir Main Venue Hall

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