Yep…more to come as Thursday tunes up at Ce Soir!

Where did this week go? Sheesh, it’s almost over – and what do I have to show for it? Well, some great music, art, and poetry, that’s for sure!

Today’s lineup has a lot to offer:

♫ ♬ THURSDAY at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

3 PM SLT – RUSSELL EPONYM with musical folk tales & sweet originals in the wonderful “folk, blues & beyond…”

4 PM SLT –  PonDman HAALAN charms with Americana at its best.

8 PM SLT – MoShang ZHAO enchants with the silken tones of the transcendent Chinese Chill – a regular on Thursday nights.

Come on over – it’s always fun and relaxing! A great wrap to the week!

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