UPDATE: Sunday sings! (oh…yah!)

You know how we like SURPRISES at Ce Soir! Well…it was a night to remember. First, we enjoyed some truly exceptional original tunes by DRAGONFLY. I mean, it – that was outstanding! He just keeps growing and getting more and more interesting with every show! Amazing! And then we steeped ourselves in some of that grand TWINGHOST magic we all love so much. Depsite his ISP dropping him now and again, he persevered and gave us what we came for: incredible music! Everyone was having a great time (and I think EVERYONE was here – what a crowd! WOOTS!), and were all ready for some Alex Mays as the clock struck 8 PM SLT.

BUT…we got a really special surprise when Alex came in. He was not alone! Indeed, he had flown in with his buddy and fabulous fellow musician EDDIEBLUE! Oh, yes, we were treated to a marvelous hour of BLUES and JAZZ that just knocked our socks off (as they say!). Alex with that guitar and Eddieblue with that outrageous SAX (and those two smmmmexxxy voices)! WOW! It was just perfect as they took the night out in style!

Yes, we love  SURPRISES at Ce Soir! Below is the original post. Just remember as you read, that nobody knows what’s coming when they land here. Not even us! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Three marvelous artists will grace the Ce Soir stage Sunday night – all three in return engagements. We couldn’t be happier with this line-up, and we do hope you will come round to enjoy with us these three unique artists that together will make for a fantastic night at Ce Soir!

♫ ♬ SUNDAY at Ce Soir – Three Don’t-Miss Shows! ♫ ♬

6 – DRAGONFLY: unique, textured music in a mix of rock, smooth jazz and ethereal electronica.

7 – TWINGHOST RONAS: an ever-deepening style with powerful originals in sweet, soulful rock.

8 – ALEX MAYS: a party looking for a place to happen lands at Ce Soir – blues, jazz, MORE!

DRAGONFLY's Logo - Ping the Cat
DRAGONFLY’s Logo – Ping the Cat

Alex Mays SL

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