UPDATE: Memorial Day Rocks at Ce Soir!

WOW! The shows are over, but the echo goes on. It was a great night at Ce Soir!

Steely Decosta was in his element tonight! Those Tom Petty songs (for example) just can’t be beat when you’ve got Steely at the helm! The Kentucky Gentleman gave us his all in voice and guitar, and it was outstanding! We were swaying and dancing and having a wonderful time! What a great start to the night…

TerryLynn Melody kicked her own set up a notch or two – or so it seemed. Her voice was in fine mettle and she really got into the lyrics. Always sensitive and revelatory of her own process, TL shared with us as the set unfolded. The audience was peppered with her fellow musicians, and a good time was had  by all!

Donn Devore was up next, and he hit it out of the park! NEW original songs grabbed our attention – as did his new electric piano! He played some lovely original instrumentals and knocked our socks off with a fabulous Pink Floyd. Woots! We love Donn‘s original songs…and that cool electronica dance piece he brought us…well, WOOHOO!

Tukso was up next, and he came in for a rousing hour of deep, soulful blues – Tukso style! It almost cannot be captured in words, this music. The sound of it seeps into your heart and inspires you to move…and groove. Sheer art! We call it The Tukso Experience, and its very sensual and engaging of the senses. We almost move as one as Tukso creates that magical music in the moment. Oh, yes!

A great night at Ce Soir has come to conclusion, with smiles all around. The sim is at rest once more, having calmed from the heights of supporting 60+ avis all at once. We’ve had 101 once, so we know the sim can take it, but wow! What a night of music and fun! Thank you, everyone!


My original post – before the magic (and mayhem) began:

Greetings! It’s a lovely holiday of remembrance and honour in the US today, and Aeon and I wish everyone the very best of holiday times with family and friends. We originally thought we might not have shows tonight, but were convinced by several people that we should move forward, and so…here’s the line-up for a great night of music (and probably some mayhem to go with!) ahead…

♫ ♬ MONDAY at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

5 PM SLT – Steely Decosta: deft guitar + strong vocals + passion = a great show.

6 – TerryLynn Melody: eclectic, fun but serious with music  – and a voice to delight.

7 – Donn Devore: dynamic, powerful rock & tender love songs – all in one.

8 – Tukso Okey: a legend who brings a magnetic musical experience…

Hope to see you here!

Ce Soir Venue Landing Point:


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