Tuesday has good things in store…

We’ve been missing PM Bookmite, and how happy we are to have him in at Ce Soir tonight! He’s a serious musician with great vocal and piano talents…and a sensitive songwriter who brings his heart to every word. He starts us off tonight at 4 PM SLT, and we could not be more pleased! Look for a bit of newness in this blog soon…and for more information about PM and some of your other favourite musicians, poets and artists. We can’t wait to get started on that…! In the meantime, here’s a listing of tonight’s beautiful shows. Please do come round to enjoy!

And – whatever you do – drop round to take a TRIP TO THE CE SOIR MOON! *giggle!*

♫ ♬ TUESDAY at Ce Soir ♫ ♬

4 – PM Bookmite: Melodic piano, lush vocals and sweet original songs touch the heart.

5 – Gina Stella: A powerful angelic voice and an unstoppable songlist make Gina a sweet must-hear.

6 – Quantamis: Mystical lyrics, haunting instrumentation and rich, charming vocals draw you into the magic.

7 – Anek Fuchs: Guitar Therapy with the master will rock your world and soothe your soul – at the same time!


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