A new week! Yes, indeed!

We’re sarting the week off with a nice mix of music and art. First of all, Owen Landar‘s great photographic exhibit is up and running after a great opening on Saturday. The lovely Saintess Larnia (who, by the way, will be back to Ce Soir soon!) sang from 3 to 4, entertaining the nice crowd that had gathered to congratulate Owen and enjoy what is very likely to be the first of many exhibits for him. Striking artwork, Owen! His perspective does indeed shine through in each piece in this collection that will get your attention. Come see and enjoy – and then pop round to his new studio digs at Omagination! See the introductory post about Owen and his work just below.

Loreen Aldrin

Then, Monday rolled around, and it was time for more newness in the music we offer at Ce Soir. What can I say but WOW?! First up was Loreen Aldrin, who has graced the Ce Soir stage before – but she always brings beautiful surprises with her, and today was no exception! Such music, Loreen. Such a voice! A nice crowd gathered to enjoy her eclectic, engaging set, and the hour sped past as we were treated to perfectly sung songs in English, Spanish, Russian…and French! BRAVA, Loreen! You are a truly international talent…and how pleased we are to have you singing and playing at Ce Soir!

It was time for a bit of newness next, and premier guitarist (and truly tremendous person) Voodoo Shilton was just the ticket! An impeccable musician, Voodoo takes his guitar – and his audience – on a beautiful trip to some wonderful places around the world. We traveled to Latin America, Spain, North America, Africa, and – yes! – France! Voodoo has magic fingers that literally dance upon the strings and weave musical magic that delights the ear – and the heart. He’ll be back, you can bet on that, as everyone was swaying and chiming in as his music filled the hall.

How to follow that, you might ask! Well, we had a treat in store, let me tell you! Therese Nightfire, once known in SL as KristinaHelene Teardrop, has returned for a set of limited engagements as she works on her new CD in RL. Traveling between Canada and LA, she’s taking some time to drop into SL to visit friends and thrill audiences with her gorgeous voice and sweet stage presence. Therese has quite a song list, folks…and one that includes some of the best Adele you’ll hear done by anyone. A gifted songwriter, Therese will also charm us with her own compositions from time to time, and you just have to come hear! She’ll be back too – with the others in two weeks!

After this threesome (what a lineup!), we took a bit of a break. A little dinner, a little fresh air, and we were ready to tune up with none other than Ce Soir fave, the one and only Anek Fuchs and two full hours of his amazing Guitar Therapy! We had just gotten started…when LL decided – for some unknown reason – to restart a bunch of sims! On Monday! And it wasn’t just one of those regular you’ll-be-back-online-in-a-minute restarts, either! It took awhile…and it ate a chunk into Anek‘s first hour. DANG! But he’s a pro, and he just rolled with it. So…so did we. We hit the airwaves with some new notices on our return and we were off and running – again!

Not to be taken down by a little surprise region restart, Anek took off! His first set was acoustic and filled with outstanding love songs and more mellow tunage. His voice did indeed wrap itself around our hearts and the guitar in his hands wove its own spell…and it all continued into Hour Number Two when the SHREDDING began and would not let up! He ended on a mellower note, and what a ride it had been!  Come back again next week (on Tuesday!) to hear more of this exceptional music from the guitar master!

BTW, Anek is preparing for CHICAGO JAM, which is to run the weekend of June 22-24. We’ll be one of the venues who will host the JAM on video – throughout. So plan to catch some of these incredible SL artists in the RL setting of a fantastic gathering. Woot!

Thanks for reading, folks! See you soon!

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