Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday, Aeon! color

Happy birthday to ME! Last Sunday was my birthday, so this, of course, is all about ME. I actually had some real life stuff to do most of the day, so I wasn’t even thinking about the harsh reality of being one year older though I may have felt that way occasionally. Then I showed up at Ce Soir, and was surprised to find the standard birthday regalia of balloons and banner that the sweet Mireille had lovingly prepared for me. Through the events that followed I was wished “Happy birthday” multiple times by the sweet and caring music fans and friends that comprise our Ce Soir audience.
What was particularly gratifying was the innovative and artistic performances by Dragonfly (Joel Eilde) followed by TwinGhost Ronas. Both edgy and cutting edge, the music we enjoyed by both of these two artists is sometimes dark yet always from the heart. Dragonfly’s rich guitar and thought-provoking lyrics range from satirical humor to dark, ethereal textures. TwinGhost’s sensitive and powerful music is a distillation of rootsy soulful rock and pop. Both are excellent and I truly enjoyed my birthday party!
Being a year older really isn’t so bad when we have the music of outstanding musicians such as Dragonfly and TwinGhost at Ce Soir to keep us all young!

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