Wednesday and Thursday prepare us for a fine summer weekend!


–––– Russell Eponym reads THE SEASONS at Ce Soir TODAY 12 Noon SLT —

At 12 noon SLT, join us for poetry about the wonderful seasons with our dear friend Russell Eponym. His own poetry and readings of other gifted writers are feted here and at other fine venues across the grid. Come relax in the ambience as we gather round The Magic Tree on the venue grounds to hear these enchanting words as they paint lovely scenes from spring, summer, autumn and winter. Come fly with us through the year and enjoy the magic!

Your wings:

Loreen Aldrin♫ ♬ LOREEN ALDRIN Returns – LIVE at Ce Soir – 2 PM SLT ♫ ♬ Loreen is amazingly talented and personable, and we are pleased to have her back at Ce Soir. She can whisper a love song and belt out the blues with equal style; she makes her guitar sing and her audiences love her!

♫ ♬ JooZz and Al Hofmann – Jammin’ Cool Jazz at Ce Soir – 3 PM SLT ♫ ♬ These two jazz masters are flying in to bring us incredible improvisational music in a return engagement that will get our groove going. Professional musicians with exemplary credentials, this is a real musical treat: jazz on the half-shell; they jam and take us along for the ride!

♫ ♬ 4 PM SLT at Ce Soir: PM BOOKMITE LIVE ♫ ♬ PM Bookmite’s wonderful music will capture your heart. His smooth vocals and rich piano are enthralling, with originals and cover songs that relay the emotions of life. Such beautiful piano, such sweet vocals! Memorable, indeed! Come enjoy this exceptional music.

♫ ♬ MoShang Zhao in at Ce Soir 8 PM SLT♫ ♬ The wonderful MoShang Zhao returns with transcendent Chinese Chill. This blend of downbeat electronica is a collection of audio jewels plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection by The Sound Jeweler, himself. Enchanting!

Now, let us go back in time to WEDNESDAY. What to say?

JordanReyne Deezul is simply stunning. We love her music and so enjoy her shows at Ce Soir (or anywhere!)…but we love her as a person too. A kind and giving person, she is also strong and determined and very inspiring! To say that we are pleased to host her is a grand understatement. Cutting-edge, innovative, and ever-more-amazing music – this is what she offers us, every time. She reinvents industrial folk noir and expands our musical horizons with every concert. If you’ve not heard her, you simply must! She will be at Ce Soir every week possible, but do look her up in Search and hie yourself over to whichever venue is hosting her. She is a regular at Portland too, so there is no excuse for your missing her a moment longer! Do yourself a big favour and get going to the next JordanReyne Deezul concert you can find!

Russell Reads March 2012Of course, our very first performer at Ce Soir – the inimitable Russell Eponym – delivered yet another enchanting show on Wednesday, and the Eponymous Family provided some of the best local chat to be found anywhere! It was a truly enjoyable hour with The Music Whisperer and his fans and friends. Such music fills the hall when Russell is on stage at Ce Soir. He brings lovely “folk, blues and beyond” in a charming mix of covers and beautiful, poetic originals which he sings in velvet tones backed by his own LIVE finger-picking style guitar, harmonica…and more! Do catch him around the grid…and at Ce Soir weekly!

After a break, we came back to enjoy Ex-FM Radio, broadcasting LIVE from Ce Soir. Musicologist, composer, pianist, and all-round musical know-it-all (I mean that in a very positive fashion, mind you!) Experiment Rhode  dropped in to share two hours of his exploration of Surprising Covers: Who Wrote What? Fascinating! Many surprises – from Neil Diamond to Pete Townshend of The Who – were revealed in this intriguing show, and there was lots of great music to enjoy along the way! Catch Ex doing this show – a fresh take on the SL airwaves – next chance you have. He plays weekly at The Colour Factory and elsewhere around the grid. He’ll be back at Ce Soir in a fortnight, so come along!

Not bad for mid-week, eh? Or anytime, actually! We’re having so much fun at Ce Soir. Drop on over sometime!

Don’t forget to visit the Guest Gallery, now showing the bright and fresh works of photographic artist, Owen Landar of Omagination Photography! Check below for a post all about him and his work…and look for another upcoming soon!

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