Monday brings magic to Ce Soir! Voodoo Shilton and Loreen Aldrin for two glorious shows!

Picture it: 3 PM SLT at Ce Soir, the space bathed in the light of a summer afternoon. The air is fresh and the sky a bright blue, the sun making his slow progress – drawn as if by magnets – to the coming of night. All is still except for the faint breeze that blows pleasantly past. Then, suddenly, what is that sound?

First, quietly, the unmistakeable tones of the acoustic guitar waft up and over the venue, washing it in shades of blues, flashes of brilliant gypsy jazz and flamenco, and sprinkled with international flavour and a classical point of view. Who could it be? If you are guessing premier guitarist Voodoo Shilton, you’re right on the money! He will arrive at 3 PM to thrill us with another journey around the world, our musical travel guide. Come ready for anything, as it’s always an enjoyable surprise!

And speaking of enjoyable surprises, the lovely Loreen Aldrin is up next, at 4 PM SLT. She’s amazing, and we are pleased to have her back at Ce Soir. This golden-throated singer-songwriter has quite a presence on stage. She can whisper a love song and belt out the blues, showing off her acumen with multiple languages at the same time. She commands her guitar and plays the piano beautifully. You will enjoy every moment of her music – guaranteed!

Do join us today for these two magnificent shows! And look for both Voodoo and Loreen on the calendar this summer…along with other fine musical artists who will bring their best to the Ce Soir stage.

Have a wonderful week!

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