Russell Eponym recites lovely poetry for a summer’s day…and Wolfie Moonshadow brings on the night!

Today’s shows at Ce Soir are perfect for the place! Two very different presentations – one of sweet and lovely poetry just right for a summer’s day (from none other than Ce Soir favourite, Russell Eponym) and one vibrant, rockin’ musical show (from the striking Wolfie Moonshadow) that will bring on the night – draw out for us the two sides of the Ce Soir coin: darkness and light. Oh, yes! The contrasts of life, often starkly disparate in comparison, are always – somehow, magically – deeply connected. For us today, that connection is creativity and artistry. Add to this mix the bright and inventive photographic art of Owen Landar (on exhibit through June in the Ce Soir Guest Gallery)…and there you have it: expression that places beautiful bookends on all that is life.

TUESDAY at Ce Soir

Noon SLT – RUSSELL EPONYM recites lovely poetry with his velvety voice and deep understanding of the art of the written word and the images it can carry. Catch this breeze to The Magic Tree Reading Spot:

6 – WOLFIE MOONSHADOW brings it all in one package: smooth love songs, pounding rock, cool jazz – and more – for an hour of fun you don’t want to miss! Hop this magic carpet to the Main Stage:

We had beautiful vocal music (from Loreen Aldrin) with international flavour and a trip around the world with classical guitar (thanks to the inimitable Voodoo Shilton) yesterday. Tomorrow it’s an eclectic mix with the delightful Lisa Brune, stunning industrial folk noir with the innovative JordanReyne Deezul, and lovely “folk, blues and beyond” with the one-and-only (and very charming!) Russell Eponym (wearing his musician hat!). We do have our faves here, but we welcome a wonderful range of musicians, poets, artists and other creatives in what we hope is a more-or-less varied calendar. Newness is coming this summer, so be on the lookout! Just remember: Ce Soir is made for artistic exploration and a dip into the wide, wide ocean of creativity. Have something you’d like to try? Let us know. Perhaps we can make room for that here too.

So do come round today and enjoy what’s happening at Ce Soir – these two shows are bound to please and you’ll enjoy the contrast if you make both (or if you just come round to experience the variety of ambience you’ll find here on the venue grounds). Do come and enjoy!

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