LISA…JORDANREYNE…and RUSSELL bring music and more to Ce Soir at mid-week!

Today is one of those GREAT days we love at Ce Soir! Three outstanding musicians will grace the stage and fill the hall with song!

First up, LISA BRUNE at 1 PM SLT. What to say about Lisa? She’s lovely, sweet and extremely talented. Her music is just like her – sheer delight! We always look forward to having Lisa in at Ce Soir – and we kinda like that Jack fella she hangs out with too! (LOL) But truly, she is wonderful and a joy to everyone. Her laugh lights up the place and audiences simply adore her! She sings a great mix of breathy love songs (whoohoo!), fun songs that lift your spirits, and some Pink Floyd (oh, yeh!) to top it all off. Every set is unique and can include songs in French and English. It’s always just right for the audience that has gathered, for Lisa reads her audience and relates to them – her “loulous” – so very well. Come see what it’s like when Lisa is here! You’re gonna love it!

Then, at 2 PM SLT, we have another singularly exceptional artist on the schedule. JORDANREYNE DEEZUL all but defies description. She’s a powerhouse of song, with a voice that is distinctive and beautiful. Indeed, the lovely notes that wend their way around the factory sounds and steam that is part of Jordan‘s musical landscape is so very moving and her original compositions are stunning. Folk noir and industrial electronica meet Celtic melody in a completely astounding way that will grab your attention from the start and keep you mesmerised throughout her set. That flowing red mane is perfect for Jordan, because musicially, she’s on fire! Do not miss any opportunity to hear this music! At Ce Soir or elsewhere…hie thyself! You won’t regret it.

How to follow those two? Wow! I certainly would not want to try it myself, but we have just the one: RUSSELL EPONYM! What a guy! Everybody loves Russell, and there is ample reason why. He’s kind, generous, and wise…and he writes such beautiful poetry and songs, sharing them with all of us in his recitations and concerts. His “folk, blues, and beyond” is his alone, and he can do it all with a finesse that is rare indeed. Russell plays guitar with a particular fingerstyle and can pick the banjo, make the harmonica sing, and get that kazoo going! How he does it all – whilst singing in that very soothing voice – is beyond me, but he certainly does it, and with style. Come along to hear Russell and meet his kind and happy Eponymous Family, many of whom join him here at Ce Soir. Just come on in and enjoy!

Happy times at Ce Soir, folks! And Happy 9th Birthday, SecondLife! WOOT!

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