Sunday Night at Ce Soir – two outstanding shows: Dragonfly and TwinGhost!

Two fabulous musical artists will grace the Ce Soir stage Sunday night – both in return engagements. We couldn’t be happier, and we do hope you will come round to enjoy with us these unique and cutting-edge artists that together will make for a fantastic night at Ce Soir!

♫ ♬ SUNDAY at Ce Soir – Two  Don’t-Miss Shows! ♫ ♬

6 PM SLT – DRAGONFLY: unique, textured music in a mix of rock, smooth jazz and ethereal electronica that commands attention and holds it.

Dragonfly's "Ping" (friend and tipjar)
Dragonfly’s “Ping” (friend and tipjar)

7 PM SLT – TWINGHOST RONAS: an ever-deepening style with powerful originals in sweet, soulful rock that seeps in and lifts you up!

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