Life and art go on…

We’ve not posted daily this past couple of weeks – in part because we have been quite busy at Ce Soir (with outstanding music, poetry, art and more) – and in part because we’ve been busy in what is commonly referred to as “RL” too. We have enjoyed every moment in both “places” and will once again pick up the standard of blogging – and, likely, daily. However, summer is packed for us this year as we are certain it is for most of our readers; even our friends “down-under” are busy with winter holidays, so we know that you understand. Thank you for that – and for coming round to Ce Soir to enjoy the array of music, poetry, art and more that awaits you there. Indeed, look for something very special at the end of July and a new surprise Artist of the Month shortly. (Did someone whisper: “Renaissance Man“????)

And now, we return to our more usual programming! (Mireille giggles with glee!)

Welcome to Ce Soir. Be inspired…tonight!

Welcome to Ce Soir!

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