Monday brings music to Ce Soir…

Happy Monday! Whilst we have pretty much our “usual” every-other-Monday lineup at Ce Soir, you can bet it will be a rollicking night! We’d love to have you join us for most – or all – of it, so do pop round to see what all the shouting is about!

MONDAY 09 July at Ce Soir

5 PM SLT – Steely Decosta: The Kentucky Gentleman will win your heart with his smooth vocals and exceptional guitar-playing. He sings some of the sweetest songs…and we simply love it!

6 PM SLT – TerryLynn Melody: charming, powerful and eclectic, this musician will grab you with her voice – and her originals are outstanding!

7 PM SLT – Donn Devore: dynamic and tender, he brings it all: powerful vocals, lush guitar, beautiful piano, and a range from hard rock to glorious love songs – many of which he pens himself. Mhmmm!

8 PM SLT – Tukso Okey: a magnetic musical experience, an hour with Tukso Okey will get your MOJO working! Sensual and earthy and transformative, this music speaks – and it gets in your blood…!

Don’t miss out on the fun! And besides, the environment at Ce Soir is very relaxing – and romantic, if you choose it to be.

Be inspired…tonight!

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