UPDATED: Russell Eponym recites poetry perfect for a summer’s day…and music from Gina, Quantamis and Anek light up the night!

UPDATE: Neither Quantamis nor Gina played this particular evening, but no worries! Scheduling mishaps happen – and change is inevitable in life (and SecondLife)! Quantamis is presently scheduled to return in two weeks’ time, and we’re likely to see Gina sometime soon as well. Both are excellent musicians with much to offer an audience and, as most of you know, each is unique and charming. Do catch them both out on the grid when you can, as they share their music at a range of fine venues. SL Search is our friend when we are looking for something to do, and there are so many live music shows happening, pretty much all day (and night!) long! There’s something for everyone. Get out there and enjoy!

Below, the original post for the day:

Today’s shows at Ce Soir promise to be outstanding – one of sweet and lovely poetry just right for a summer’s day (from none other than Ce Soir favourite, Russell Eponym) and three vibrant musical shows (from the sweet Gina Stella, the romantic Quantamis Navarathna and the rockin’ Anek Fuchs) that will light up the night. Add to this mix the as-yet-to-be-unveiled art of Renaissance man Russell Eponym (on exhibit through July in the Ce Soir Guest Gallery – starting soon!)…and there you have it: a range of expressive artistry to please most anyone.

TUESDAY at Ce Soir

Noon – Russell Eponym: Beautiful recitation of poetry will delight us on a summer’s day at The Magic Tree Reading Spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/161/224/1001

5 – Gina Stella: A powerful angelic voice and unstoppable songlist make Gina a must-hear: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/205/185/1001

6 – Quantamis: Mystical lyrics and rich, charming vocals draw you into magic: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/205/185/1001

7 – Anek Fuchs: Two hours of Guitar Therapy – a mix of exceptional guitar and outstanding vocals: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/205/185/1001

Do join us and be inspired…tonight!

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