What happened to Wednesday????

What happened to Wednesday? Welllll….it’s a long story that started on what is now known aound Ce Soir as Tumultuous Tuesday.  As that day slid past sunset, I decided to take a little time out. I was in for Anek‘s show at 7, but after that – I poofed! I needed time to think – something I do best whilst doing something else entirely, such as reading, having lunch with friends, enjoying the garden… And so, off I went – to the spa, no less! It was a glorious day of pampering and time with friends in the beautiful weather, and I enjoyed it tremendously. The coolest thing is that Tumultuous Tuesday ended up to be a quite positive turning point for me – and for Ce Soir.

Aeon was just wonderful, as always, and encouraged me to take my little break – a little extra time for myself. He is a wise man, that Aeon, and I never regret listening to him. We are both of the opinion that Second Life is a LEARNING opportunity, one of growth and development, of the expansion and realisation of vision and dreams – and not just in-world, but out-world too. As Tumultuous Tuesday (and its very sweet partner, Wonderful Wednesday) became a precious memory, that little mist that was swirling over a dream just drifted away on a breeze. (More on that, later!)

Whilst I was off recharging my batteries, Aeon et al had a great time with some music from Frets Nirvana and PonDman Haalan. From what I was told, Frets rocked the place as he usually does with his guitar and PonD serenaded with that wonderful Americana music for which he is known. I’ll catch those two next time around – two weeks hence. Do come round to enjoy their music then – and catch them elsewhere on the grid in the meantime. You’ll be glad you did!

Dreams…where will they take you?

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