This week at Ce Soir…

Ah, it’s Monday again! How the time seems to slip away on these hot summer days. That may be true, but when the sun is beating down upon us, heat searingly opressive, the time seems to drag past as well. Our remedy? The cool glades and gardens of Ce Soir under the shade of beautiful trees and amidst lush vegetation – and wonderful music, art, poetry (and theatre!). Do come along this week to enjoy some of the best that SL has to offer, and get away from the heat for a fine respite with cool sunset breezes… (All times are SLT.)

MONDAY 30 July at Ce Soir

1 PM – LISA BRUNE: breathy vocals and a stunning repertoire in French & English.

2 PM – LOREEN ALDRIN: whispery torch songs, bluesy ballads with international flavour.

3 PM – VOODOO SHILTON: a musical world tour with powerful, tender guitar!

5 PM – THERESE NIGHTFIRE: charming, beautiful voice & vivacious stage presence.

✫✦❀ TUESDAY 31 July at Ce Soir ❀✦✫

Noon – RUSSELL EPONYM: a beautiful recitation of poetry to delight on a summer’s day.

5:30 PM – A Special Presentation at Ce Soir Arts Theatre NO EXIT by Jean Paul Sartre

♫ ♬ WEDNESDAY 01 August at Ce Soir ♫ ♬

6 PM – QUANTAMIS NAVARATHNA: enchanting magical songs of romance and grace.

7 PM – DENNYMAC: debuts at Ce Soir with beautiful acoustic guitar & sensitive vocals.

♫ ♬ THURSDAY 02 August at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

2 PM – JordanReyne DEEZUL: redefines industrial folk with Celtic melody & steam.

3 PM – RUSSELL EPONYM: musical tales & sweet originals in “folk, blues & beyond…”

8 PM – MoShang ZHAO: the silken tones of the transcendent Chinese Chill.

Don’t miss a moment! Come, be inspired…tonight…




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