Coming up at Ce Soir…

This is one of those wonderful weeks that begin with a big Monday at Ce Soir. These talented musicians would truly be enough for an entire week – and yet, even as they stand alone, they kick off a fine slate of shows through 09 August. Do come round to hear them – and the shows of music and poetry to follow. It’s the height of summer in the US and Europe…and, well, the heat is on. We’re ready at Ce Soir with some of the coolest – and hottest! – sounds around!


5 PM Steely Decosta

6 PM TerryLynn Melody

7 PM Donn Devore

8 PM Tukso Okey


Noon Russell Eponym poetry recital (at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir)


11 AM TerryLynn Melody poetry recital (at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir)

2 PM Frets Nirvana

3 PM PonDman Haalan

7 PM Samm Qendra (DEBUT!)

8 PM Prowess Rayna



2 PM JordanReyne Deezul

            3 PM Russell Eponym

    8 PM MoShang Zhao

Come, be inspired…tonight…

Venue Landing:

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