The week ahead…

As many of you know, we have A LOT going on IRL right now – and most of it sheer joy and fun! But still, it takes time…and so, we are trying to moderate a bit in coming weeks. Even with that, the week ahead looks FABULOUS – with some of the metaverse’s very best coming to share their talents with us. We hope that you will join us!

♫♬MONDAY 13 August at Ce Soir ♫♬

2 PM – LOREEN ALDRIN: whispery love songs and bluesy ballads with international flavour will get your motor running.

3 PM SLT – VOODOO SHILTON: a musical journey around the world with powerful, tender guitar that speaks volumes!

5 PM SLT – THERESE NIGHTFIRE: charming spirit with a beautiful voice and vivacious stage presence.

♫♬TUESDAY 14 August at Ce Soir ♫♬

Noon – RUSSELL EPONYM provides a beautiful recitation of poetry that will delight us on a summer’s day.

7 PM – PAULETTE OLDRICH truly entertains us with energetic performances of Broadway and romantic dance music. NOTE: DEBUT!

8 PM – PROWESS RAYNA fills the hall with glorious piano music that will touch your heart.

♫ ♬ WEDNESDAY 15 August at Ce Soir ♫ ♬

5 PM – SAMM QENDRA returns to thrill us with heartfelt vocals in rich, clear, melodic tones.

6 PM – QUANTAMIS NAVARATHNA again enchants us with magical songs filled with romance and grace.

♫ ♬ THURSDAY 16 August at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

2 PM – JORDAN REYNE DEEZUL redefines industrial folk. Celtic melodies waft over factory sounds that mesmerise.

3 PM – RUSSELL EPONYM delights with musical folk tales & sweet originals in “folk, blues & beyond…”

8 PM – MOSHANG ZHAO delivers the chill with transcendent electronica.

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