Now, THIS is going to be interesting!

Hello! Glad you could stop by an see what’s happening at Ce Soir Arts! Again, our apologies for infrequent and relatively brief posts. You’ve all read the reasons why, so I won’t revisit that right now, but it is summer and we hope you’re enjoying it! We will promise you three things, for September at Ce Soir is going to be packed with goodness: more art in the Guest Gallery, more music filling the hall, more poetry thrilling us at The Magic Tree, more theatre…!

1     We WILL return to more frequent and in-depth posts in September…

2     There WILL be NEWS to report that just might get your interest…

3     This week at Ce Soir will be a show-stopper – even if it’s a bit light yet. (Check back soon – there are additions in the works!)

Take a look at what’s already in the line-up – some pretty stellar company this, and I’m not JUST talking about Mankind Tracer (although, I AM talking about Mankind Tracer too). This coming Thursday is Mankind‘s debut at Ce Soir, and we are quite excited about it. His renown precedes him into the room, it’s really an artist’s talent and true personality that make the show – AND…as always at Ce Soir…it’s YOU. Do come along on that day and enjoy Mankind‘s amazing talent. But don’t just come then. Take a look at the incredible talent and style noted on the schedule below and get yourself over here!


-:¦:- Renaissance Man RUSSELL EPONYM’s Watercolours in the Guest Gallery -:¦:-

Sensitive portrayals of gorgeous landscapes in clear, lush watercolour will spark your imagination and make your spirit soar. Do visit the Ce Soir Guest Gallery and leave a note for Russell in our Guest Book. Come, be inspired

SUNDAY 19 August at Ce Soir

6 PM SLT – DRAGONFLY: Joel’s unique, textured music in a mix of rock, smooth jazz and ethereal electronica grabs your attention and keeps you riveted. And to boot, he’s a very cool guy!

MONDAY 20 August at Ce Soir

2 PM – JordanReyne Deezul redefines industrial folk. Celtic melodies wafting over factory sounds mesmerise and seep into your soul. Dark and lovely…there’s nothing like JordanReyne!

3 PM SLT – Voodoo Shilton takes the stage and we’re off on a fabulous musical journey around the world! Powerful, tender guitar gets us dancing and cheering as Voodoo leads the way!

6 PM SLT – Steely Decosta: The Kentucky Gentleman will win your heart with vocals smooth as fine bourbon and intricate guitar work like sunlight falling through the trees.

7 PM SLT – Alex Mays: rockin’ blues guitar and a voice that just won’t quit – Alex is a party just looking for a place to happen – and tonight, Ce Soir is it! Bring your friends!

8 PM SLT– Tukso Okey: a magnetic musical experience, this sensual, emotive music that Tukso creates fresh – every time – will have you swaying and swooning – and it will  leave you wanting more!

TUESDAY 21 August at Ce Soir

Noon – Russell Eponym: a beautiful recitation of poetry will delight us on a summer’s day. Join us at The Magic Tree for a wonderful hour of the elegance of the spoken word!

7 PM SLT – Paulette Oldrich charms us with lively Broadway and romantic dance music for an hour of refined pleasure and fun. Paulette sparkles and shines, so don’t miss it!

♫ ♬ WEDNESDAY 22 August at Ce Soir ♫ ♬

2 PM SLT – Frets Nirvana rocks Ce Soir with his well-known and very cool guitar. It’s called “Total Guitar” for a reason. Come on over and find out why!

3 PM SLT – PonDman Haalan brings us Americana at its very best, reminding us of the history of folk and popular music – and charming us with his sweet banter.

♫ ♬ THURSDAY 23 August at Ce Soir! ♫ ♬

2 PM SLT – Mankind Tracer/Seth Regan brings his rich voice and deft guitar-playing to Ce Soir for the first time! This inimitable performer has talent to spare – so grab your friends and we’ll see you here!

3 PM SLT – Russell Eponym with musical folk tales & sweet originals in the charming “folk, blues & beyond.” Russell brings his considerable experience and acument to everything he does – music, poetry, and art!

8 PM SLT – MoShang ZHAO enchants us with the unique and simply transcendent Chinese Chill. Come along and ease into the groove with us…relax, enjoy….chilllllll……….

Don’t miss a note!

Come, be inspired…tonight!

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