Just looking around…beauty everywhere!

Mireille was waxing philosophical yesterday, and I guess it’s my turn today. I was just looking around the venue space and I suddenly realized that there is beauty everywhere! Of course, I’ve known this for some time; I am, after all an art lover who seeks beauty and finds it routinely. It’s there…everywhere. We just have to look for it sometimes – and well worth the effort, it is.

At Ce Soir, it’s not hard to find beauty. Not only are there lovely buildings and flowers and trees and fountains, the sky at Ce Soir sunset, the little birds that sit here and there…but also it’s just in the way it is, all together. It’s Mireille’s dream, her vision and work to gather such beautiful things from an array of outstanding creators in Second Life, beginning with Alia Baroque (Fallen Gods) who made the three main structures that house the wonderful music and art and theatre that inspired this whole thing and that we so enjoy. Of course, there are many others whose fine work finds its way into Ce Soir, and we honor them all. Just hit the Object Profile next time you see something you like – and go visit that creator’s shop to see what other wonders might await!

And then…there are the magnificent musicians, artists, poets, and actors who offer their creativity for us to enjoy! So many! You know who they are…especially your favorites! We so appreciate you coming to enjoy them and their work at Ce Soir. Keep an eye out for more outstanding performances and exhibits coming up. We’re excited about the next Artist of the Month (for September, it’s Nessuno Myoo, the wonderful sculptor whose work will astound and delight you), and about a new production (hint! Shakespeare!) coming this fall at the theatre. More on that, soon…

Of course, you who visit Ce Soir bring beauty with you. It’s in your smile, your laughter, your spirit. Thank you for sharing with us on this journey!

See you soon…

As you land at Ce Soir…sunset…

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