Reminder about the rest of this week…

Great poetry and music still to come, after the OUTSTANDING Sunday and Monday shows! Wow! See the notes about THAT, below! For now, let’s take a look at what is in store for the rest of this week. It’s good. Really good!

★  TUESDAY 21 ★

✫✦❀ Poetry & Music with Russell Eponym – Noon SLT❀✦✫

Come join us at The Magic Tree Reading Spot for a beautiful recitation of poetry that will delight us on a summer’s day. Russell brings his extensive background and artistic sensitivity to each recitation, whether he is reading the poetry of historic greats such as Keats, Sandburg or MacLeish, or his own delightful and engaging work. He often brings out the guitar for a song or two as well.

♫ ♬ 7 PM – Broadway and Dance Music with the Lovely Paulette Oldrich ♫ ♬

Paulette Oldrich brings a rich background in jazz, theatrical and romantic dance music to her set, and you will be taken by her range and extensive songlist. Spirited and sweet, Paulette can make the sparks fly as she dazzles with outstanding vocals and charming banter. Come enjoy!

          ★  WEDNESDAY 22 ★          


Come to Ce Soir to hear the awesome guitar work of Frets Nirvana. A long-time professional musician with impressive credentials, Frets knows his guitar. He makes it sing and his upbeat banter is a real treat! He’ll have you dancing and having a good time – in no time!

♫ ♬ 3 PM SLT at Ce Soir: PonDman Haalan ♫ ♬

Join us for an hour of Americana at its best – American folk and traditional songs that charm and inspire with PonDman Haalan. A professional touring musician, PonD brings a rich history to every song. Come on over!

★  THURSDAY 23 ★

♫ ♬ MANKIND TRACER Debuts at Ce Soir – LIVE – 2 PM SLT♫ ♬

Come share an hour with feted singer and songwriter Mankind Tracer/Seth Regan. This nuanced and talented musician has been thrilling audiences across the metaverse for some time now, and his popularity just keeps growing. Sweet cover tunes and striking original songs will fill the hour with exceptional music you won’t soon forget! Come, help us welcome him to the Ce Soir stage!


Russell is all set to delight us with his completely LIVE and unplugged show – filled with historical folk tales set to music and his own wonderful compositions. A consummate artist with a voice like velvet and intricate fingerstyle guitar playing to delight, Russell imbues every show with fun. He will set your toe to tapping and offer music that will soothe your spirit. It’s folk, blues and beyond!

♫ ♬ MoShang Zhao Delivers the Chill – LIVE at Ce Soir – 8 PM SLT♫ ♬

MoShang Zhao returns to enchant us with the ever-evolving and transcendent Chinese Chill, music that is at once energising and soothing. This unique and captivating blend of downbeat electronica is quite a way to close the day or to enjoy anytime. Super cool and mesmerizing, you’ve just got to hear The Sound Jeweler at work!

Some truly “don’t-miss-it” stuff coming your way at Ce Soir as the week unfolds…

And now…a note about what happened on Sunday and Monday!

On Sunday, DRAGONFLY jetted in and shared some amazing music. One song after another, he had us in the groove. His cutting-edge style – blending nicely with his friendly banter – just takes us there! Where is there? An absolutely marvelous place out in the musical stratosphere…

On Monday, the fun started at 2 PM SLT with none other than the astounding JordanReyne Deezul. Wow. It was an hour of great industrial folk noir that is Jordan’s specialty. In fact, she’s reinventing it, including very unique factory sounds and steam with that incredibly melodic voice. Celtic melodies weave themselves over and through that base of rhythm and sound. Absolutely riveting!

Than, guitar master Voodoo Shilton stepped to the stage and off we went on one of his musical world tours! The crowd really got into it and we were dancing and clapping our hearts out. Mireille had added some flamenco dances to our system, and Voodoo serenaded us as we twirled and leapt and generally had a wonderful time!

After a break, it was The Kentucky Gentleman in for a round of great guitar and vocals to charm even the hardest of hearts. Steely Decosta just has a way about him that charms everyone – and we certainly enjoy those fantastic guitar riffs!

At 7, it was Alex Mays at the helm. Oh, man, can he hand out the jazz and blues numbers! It was a rollicking good time as he made that guitar sing and he and buddy Bad traded barbs! They had everyone laughing and we danced the hour away!

To put a proper wrap on the night, legend Tukso Okey dropped in and took the place by storm – a gentle storm that had such energy inside it. Talk about sensuous and moving music! OMGahhhh! It was just fantastic, as this musical genius created it all on the fly. He’s got the chops to do that, and do it, he did last night!

These folks will all be back at Ce Soir in weeks to come…so don’t miss a one!

See ya!

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