NESSUNO MYOO’s Astounding Sculptural Art Arrives at Ce Soir – Opening Celebration 02 September, 2-4 PM SLT (with Music by Samm Qendra from 2 to3)

Nessuno Opening Sign BLOGStunning works by the exciting Italian sculptor Nessuno Myoo are on exhibit at Ce Soir Arts through the month of September. The opening is Sunday 02 September from 2 – 4 PM. The lovely Samm Qendra will provide wonderful music from 2 to 3, and you are welcome to join us!

Nessuno‘s selected pieces are placed throughout the gardens, and each is an intriguing expression of his deep artistic talent. As you pause before each of them, you will delight in his skill and sensitivity – as well as in his humour and imagination. His work has the distinction of being esthetically beautiful, delightfully whimsical, and deeply thought-provoking – all at the same time. Inventive themes are so well-executed that each piece – fresh and alive – also seems to have a history, a story to tell.

Nessuno is known in SecondLife for his astounding creative work, seen at many fine galleries and art spaces across the grid. Visit his permanent collection at his own White Gallery in Battlestar sim as well as at other galleries and installations, and be amazed at the range of this artist’s gift. Visit his blog at for additional information about some of the most outstanding artistic work done in SL.

Autumn creeps in, now (in many places, around the world), and what a perfect time for an exhibit such as this (although anytime would suit us, just fine!). In much of the world, summer has begun its slow fade, while yet leaving its impressions with us: bright suns, expansive blue skies, and the electricity of heat and energy. Autumn comes to slow us down, to cool us and remind us that this dynamic life is a series of static moments, one after the other. Nessuno’s work captures these moments and brings them to us in an array of materials including coiled metals, cool marbles, and finely crafted woods. All are richly presented in intricately applied textures that are awash with a patina of light; indeed, a subtle glow seems to emanate from each, its spirit vibrant in stasis. Enchanting, to say the least!

Please visit and take a bit of time with these beautiful and singularly profound pieces. Even if you have seen them before, do come see them at Ce Soir. Our Ce Soir sunset environment seems to enfold the gardens and these wonderful works of art in a welcoming warmth. If you happen to see Nessuno on the sim, do greet him. We expect to see him here often, and are delighted to host him – and everyone who gathers to appreciate his work. Nessuno Myoo’s art is meant to be seen…and loved. Do come round and be inspired…tonight!

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