Nessuno Myoo sculpture exhibit continues…music & poetry fill the hall…

What an exciting summer we have had – and many subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes at Ce Soir will continue into the glorious autumn. But FIRST…we celebrate NESSUNO MYOO as Ce Soir September Artist-in-Residence and invite you all to take some time this coming weekend to enjoy it! Wander the gardens and be delighted by his stunning sculpture. Don’t forget to visit the gallery to see more and to leave him a note in the guest book. We’ve noted that people have not been using the guestbook, and that’s just fine – but do leave a note if you so desire.

Ce Soir has been visited so many times this past week – by artists, musicians, poets, and all who cherish the arts and admire work of the calibre that Nessuno offers. His inventive themes are so well-expressed, it’s breathtaking! Several of the pieces will remain with us, even after the exhibit closes. We just love them that much! I am particularly taken by “Spirit of Mechanical Angel,” which can be seen floating over the Ce Soir Cemetery…but Aeon’s favourite of them all is “Back to Home,” an incredible pirate ship that flies over Ce Soir and that can be seen from inside the venue main stage area (second floor). Simply wonderful! So…do come and visit!

Gallery SLurl:

BACK to HOME by Nessuno Myoo

We had a great week of music as well at Ce Soir…and we will be writing about these musicians again soon – in more detail. We look forward to that! The coming week is filled with outstanding music and poetry as well. Take a look at the schedule below and do come enjoy with us! You will be welcome!

MONDAY 10 September

2 PM Loreen Aldrin

3 PM Voodoo Shilton

4 PM JooZz

TUESDAY 11 September

Noon Russell Eponym poetry recital (at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir)

2 PM Frets Nirvana

3 PM PonDman Haalan

6 PM Therese Nightfire

7 PM Paulette Oldrich

WEDNESDAY 12 September

6 PM Samm Qendra

7 PM DennyMac

THURSDAY 13 September

1 PM Lisa Brune

2 PM JordanReyne Deezul

3 PM Russell Eponym

8 PM MoShang Zhao

 SUNDAY 16 September


7 PM TwinGhost Ronas

Wedding bells will ring out for our niece and new nephew this month, so we are busy traveling and planning and anticipating one of the most beautiful and special events to take place in our family – ever! There were three weddings in all (July, August, and September) this year, and each very precious to us, as we love the brides and grooms. Everyone including the other brides and grooms agree: this one is extra-special. These two had quite a journey to one another, and how happy we all are that they are with us and celebrating their forever love in a wedding to remember. Of course, we’ll not forget the others! How lovely and divine they are in our hearts! But this one, well…what can I say? It just is what it is, and we celebrate with great joy and peace. Much love to each of these special couples, and to each of you! May you all be blessed with love and grace…with poetry, art, theatre, music! Let the beauty of the earth, the secrets of your own heart, and the people who surround you bring you joy!

Venue Landing Point SLurl:

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