Great music, poetry, and sculpture in the gardens – a great week ahead!

-:¦:- Ce Soir September Artist-in-Residence -:¦:-

-:¦:- Sculptor NESSUNO MYOO -:¦:-

Stunning sculptures by NESSUNO MYOO are on exhibit in the gallery and gardens throughout September. His work has the distinction of being esthetically beautiful, delightfully whimsical, and deeply thought-provoking, all at the same time, and it is a must-see. Enjoy this astounding exhibit throughout the month – even during our long weekend hiatus, you may come and be inspired by Nessuno‘s intriguing works!

Gallery Entrance SLurl:

We will be away enjoying a lovely and very special wedding from 19 through 23 September, and there will be no shows other than Nessuno‘s continuing exhibit of delightful sculpture. Do come enjoy his work and the gardens of Ce Soir while we are away. We’ll check in from time-to-time, and our lovely assistant Mimi will be near, but even when we are away you are welcome to enjoy the art, music and dancing; lovely flowers; sweet singles and couples animations; and just the romance of Ce Soir at sunset. Take a Trip to the Ce Soir Moon for dancing under the stars and a great view; sit quietly at The Magic Tree and hear the echoes of magnificent poetry in your mind; swing at one of the swings and dream of glorious tomorrows!

Below are shows upcoming this week and a hint at what is in store on our return. Enjoy!



7 PM TwinGhost Ronas

★ MONDAY 17 ★

2 PM Saintess Larnia

3 PM Voodoo Shilton

4 PM Quantamis Navarathna


Noon Russell Eponym poetry recital (at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir)

6 PM Gina Stella

7 PM Paulette Oldrich

NOTE : NO SHOWS 19 through 23 September. See you on 24 September!

★ MONDAY 24 ★


3 PM Voodoo Shilton

4 PM Loreen Aldrin

Come, be inspired…tonight…

Venue Landing:

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