Sunday…Sunday…Sunday! Dragonfly and TwinGhost are LIVE at Ce Soir!

My birthday celebration continues this weekend with Dragonfly and TwinGhost at Ce Soir tonight – 6 and 7 PM SLT, respectively. They are two of my faves, so this is going to be a special night!

Last night, THE FOLLOW came in to Ce Soir and brought their simply amazing sound – outstanding original music that showcases the exceptional talents of the three band members: Troy Shoreland, AJ Darkwatch, and Powers Avon. It was quite a party! The place was packed and the music was outstanding. A fantastic time – and a great birthday present for meeeeee! Oh…and they’ll be back!

Tonight, come along for some of THIS:

SUNDAY at Ce Soir Two Exciting Shows!

6 PM SLT – DRAGONFLY pops in with his unique, textured music in a mix of rock, smooth jazz and ethereal electronica that commands attention and holds it. Dragonfly is the band – and Joel Eilde is the mastermind. Come see – and hear!You will have the opportunity to support Joel in his new project, AMPLIFICATION – an album in the making. Sheer electrifying excitement!

7 PM SLT – TWINGHOST RONAS has an ever-deepening style with powerful originals in sweet, soulful rock that seeps in and lifts you up! There are so many of his songs that just make us sway and float…and fly! TwinGhost has got that very cool echo of the 70s in his music and the perfection of that is just irresistible – especially with his cutting-edge creativity in the driver’s seat. Don’t miss it!

Venue Landing Point SLurl:

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