Autumn arrives at Ce Soir – and what a first week we have in store!

We survived Mireille‘s birthday on 29 September with a rollicking great time with THE FOLLOW! Wow! What a great band! Creative and incredibly talented, this threesome sounds like ten musicians when they play! Rich bass, outstanding lead guitar, rhythmic drums and fabulous vocals make their show a must-see! Look for them again at Ce Soir, but seek them out elsewhere too – you’ve got to hear them! Not only are they excellent musicians, but they’re three of the finest people around. It was a great show, and Mireille was very, very happy! (Me too!) And then, Dragonfly and TwinGhost were scheduled for Sunday. Joel‘s voice was tired from a big week, so he took a break (we really missed him, but certainly understand) – but TwinGhost came on in and took the place by storm! What a great set, TG! He sang Mireille‘s fave for her birthday, even! (She and I both love “Live Again,” one of TwinGhost‘s very own compositions. It is an AMAZING song! Thank you, Twin!)

Now, it’s fully autumn, and we could not be happier to bid adieu to the searing heat of this past summer in the US. The big family wedding in the UK was a nice respite, but nothing beats the change of seasons for a cure! Those were some HOT summer blues, let me tell ya!

Anyway, we’re on to fall, and we’re very happy indeed. This week, for example, brings more goodness to Ce Soir for us all to enjoy! First, of course, is the continuing exhibit of Nessuno Myoo‘s fantastic sculpture. Found in the gallery and around the grounds, it’s stunning work of the highest calibre, so don’t miss it! What an honour to host such an artist here at Ce Soir. Thank you, Nessuno!

Deep Red Loop and Soul Strings Touch by Nessuno Myoo

We have plans for the theatre later in the month, as well as a rather spooky Halloween celebration in store…so, watch for more soon! For now, take a look at this week, and come on over!

Sunday 30

6 PM Dragonfly

7 PM TwinGhost Ronas

Monday 01

2 PM Saintess Larnia

3 PM Voodoo Shilton

4 PM Quantamis Navarathna

Tuesday 02

NOON Russell Eponym poetry recitation

6 PM Gina Stella

7 PM Paulette Oldrich

Wednesday 03

6 PM Steely Decosta

7 PM DennyMac

 Thursday 04

2 PM JordanReyne Deezul

3 PM Russell Eponym

6 PM TerryLynn Melody

7 PM Freestar Tammas

8 PM MoShang Zhao

Friday 05

NOON Sabreman Carter reads poetry

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