The week before Hallowe’en…FUN at Ce Soir!

We have big plans for Hallowe’en week…and some good things coming this week too! Check out the schedule below and look for some posts about some of these events coming soon… In the meantime: ENJOY!

-:¦:- October Artist-in-Residence Nessuno Myoo‘s wonderful sculpture is on exhibit in the gallery and gardens. These stunning works are enchanting and thought-provoking! -:¦:-

Gallery Entrance:

In the main venue and at The Magic Tree Reading Spot & Ce Soir Arts Theatre:

Monday 22 ★ 

2 PM JordanReyne Deezul
3 PM Voodoo Shilton
5 PM Loreen Aldrin

Tuesday 23

NOON Russell Eponym poetry recitation
2 PM Frets Nirvana
3 PM PonDman Haalan
6 PM Nino D’Amore
7 PM Paulette Oldrich

Wednesday 24

5 PM Donn Devore
6 PM Samm Qendra
7 PM Tukso Okey

Thursday 25

3 PM Russell Eponym
8 PM MoShang Zhao

Friday 26

NOON Sabreman Carter reads poetry

Saturday – We celebrate The A List Anniversary!

2 PM Aeon et Mireille with Tea with Ted & Sylvia (on Voice at Ce Soir Arts Theatre)
3 PM Russell Eponym Poetry Recital (on Stream at The Magic Tree)

Sunday 28

5 PM Mankind Tracer/Seth Regan (a little PHANTOM, anyone? muahaha!)
6 PM Loreen Aldrin
7 PM TwinGhost Ronas (who is that…FRANKENTWIN??)

Come, be inspired…tonight!

Venue Landing:

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