An eerie light…spooky avatars…and fabulous music, poetry, and art await you!

Hallowe’en week is finally here! A time celebrated across the grid, this seasonfest is scary, weird, and a whole lot of FUN! So, don your best costumery, get out your craziest animations, and doll yourself up – just right – and come on over! We have a WEEKFUL of MAGIC going, so don’t miss a minute!

Here’s the creepy schedule…muahaha!

★ Saturday 27

The A List’s Culture and Art Weekend

We will have, of course, Nessuno Myoo‘s wonderful sculpture on exhibit and we welcome The A List and their members to enjoy anytime, especially from Noon to 2 PM today. Congratulations, Xzavier and RAFTWET on five years of serving up information about the best in SL entertainment…and more!

2 PM TEA with TED & SYLVIA: Aeon & Mireille present a programme of poetry by Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath at The Ce Soir Arts Theatre. This presentation is in Voice and will cover a conversation over tea, exploring the poetry of these two feted poets and their relationship. Stormy, at best, these two wrote prolifically and well, exploring such subjects as marriage, parenthood, life and death. These are striking works that must be shared. Come…sit by the fire and enjoy tea & poetry!

TEA with TED & SYLVIA set at Ce Soir Arts Theatre

3 PM Russell Eponym reads poetry at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir. Come along for another hour of exceptional verse and reading with the inimitable Russell Eponym. Always enjoyable, the hour will fly as we relax and learn under the tender tutelage of our beloved professor and friend!

Sunday 28

5 PM Seth Regan brings a little Phantom of the Opera along with him…and it’s going to be quite the show with great music from this master musician!

6 PM Loreen Aldrin sings some dark romance that will get under your skin and thrill you. Oh, it’s something special indeed!

7 PM TwinGhost Ronas (or is that FRANKENTWIN???) brings his glorious music including the haunting “Live Again” (which just happens to be our FAVOURITE!). East Coast storms probably won’t interfere with this show, but be wary, TwinGhost! We want you to be safe!

Monday 29

2 PM Saintess Larnia comes in with her smexy sweetness. I wonder what lurks behind? Hmmmm…

3 PM Voodoo Shilton gets us going with the thrilling Gypsy Jazz and a whole lot more – IF he can make it in because of the East Coast US storms. Voodoo, if you can’t make it, know that we are thinking of you! Be safe!

4 PM Quantamis Navarathna wafts in on lovely melodies of timeless love with expert and haunting instrumentation –  just perfect for this spooky castle tonight!

5 PM Mithrilweaver reads creepy tales from the crypt – outside at the Ce Soir Cemetery and Mausoleum. His deep and resonant voice – and choice of readings – will inspire AND SCARE you! Do join us…if you DARE!

Tuesday 30

NOON Russell Eponym poetry recitation – always lovely and fun, we learn from Russell as we enjoy the very best in poetry every week. This reading will be as special – and we have an idea there will be some fright-night poems in the mix! Oooh!

2:30 PM NO EXIT is once more performed at The Ce Soir Arts Theatre! This time, semi-professional actors portray the roles of the three hapless souls who find themselves locked in hell with one another – forever – in this darkly comedic play by existential philosopher and playwright, Jean-Paul Sartre. The cast (in order of appearance):

Valet: Aeon Woodford/Garcin: B. Hemi/Ines: TerryLynn Melody/Estelle: Mireille Jenvieve

Come enjoy!

The NO EXIT Set at The Ce Soir Arts Theatre

5 PM The Follow fly in, all ZOMBIE-FIED and fired up, ready to rock! Wear your Hallowe’en best (ZOMBIES especially welcome at the Ce Soir Zombie Hotel – teehee!) and join us for some truly exceptional music. Hold onto your brains, everyone!

6 PM Gina Stella comes round with her own special brand of musical magic. An extensive songlist is just the beginning with Gina! Come enjoy her beautiful voice…and the hijinx too!

7 PM Paulette Oldrich soothes us a bit, shifting our focus from FRIGHT-NIGHT to sublime jazz and show tunes! Why not dress as your favourite Broadway character? Do get your dancing shoes on and come over for the FUN!

Wednesday 31

4 PM Samm Qendra for Nessuno Myoo‘s Closing Celebration: This is a very special event. Decorum, please, but let’s have fun too, celebrating the closing of Nessuno Myoo‘s outstanding sculpture exhibit. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting him for two months…and we just HAD to keep some of the sculptures around forever, so they won’t all disappear! Come help us bid him a fond adieu. Like all of our monthly Artists-in-Residence, Nessuno will be back. We will have a very special exhibit going at the end of the year… You don’t want to miss Samm! Her voice is unstoppable as she continues to amaze with her repertoire and sensitive performances.

5 PM Therese Nightfire steps to the stage and just SHINES! Come hear this stunning voice and the incredible range of music she offers. Jazz and blues and a whole lot more, her show is a knockout – every time!

6 PM DennyMac drops over to share his lovely guitar-playing and sweet vocals. His voice and kind heart are a magical combination. Every song is special, so don’t miss it!

7 PM Steely Decosta lands at Ce Soir, bringing his exceptional music for us to enjoy. No one can sing Tom Petty’s music like Steely, and he can rev up the blues like nobody’s business. Come see The Kentucky Gentleman in action!

Thursday 01

1 PM Lisa Brune comes to Ce Soir with those thrilling whispery vocals and sweet stage presence that everybody loves. Yes, audiences across the grid adore Lisa! Come see why!

2 PM JordanReyne Deezul reinvents Industrial Folk with a style and grace literally unmatched. This music is so inventive and special, you just have to come hear it! Musica intelligentia – sensitive, deep, and rich with surprising sounds so melodic, you’ll stand there, stunned. Don’t miss it!

3 PM Russell Eponym, The Music Whisperer, was the first musician to play at Ce Soir. That was by design, as he is the foundational artist in the digital world. Musician, artist, poet, actor, educator…Russell does it all. Come hear his wonderful “folk, blues, and beyond!”

6 PM TerryLynn Melody delights with her eclectic set that includes some of her own compositions as well as expertly chosen covers that showcase her powerful voice. She accompanies herself on guitar and piano, and the hour speeds by in enjoyment.

7 PM Freestar Tammas is a true original, and her music is the same. She and Quai bring a lovely collaboration of sound to the Ce Soir stage, singing tender originals in the mix. Beautiful!

8 PM MoShang Zhao delivers the chill at Ce Soir every Thursday night at 8 PM SLT. The Sound Jeweler creates a soothing, energizing electronica that will simply blow your mind…gently, of course! Come relax and enjoy with us!

Friday 02

NOON Sabreman Carter reads poetry at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir. Known across SL as a fine poet and reader, this lover of the written word will welcome you in for an hour of verse and light commentary. Do join us! NOTE: all of his tips are donated to Relay for Life in SL, a generous act that we admire.

So as you can see, it’s quite a week going at Ce Soir. Creep on over – and don’t forget to set your Sun to “Use Region Settings” so that you can enjoy the eerie environment all the more!

See you at Ce Soir where you can be inspired…tonight!

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