Something special from TerryLynn…

Pretty much everyone in SL knows and enjoys the music of the talented TerryLynn Melody. Her powerful, rich voice resonates in the hearts of those who hear her sing as her dynamic presence fills the hall with vibrant energy. We enjoy having her in at Ce Soir to sing, of course, but now and again we like to sit back and fall into the depths of her poetry. “Depths” is the right word, for her work is profoundly moving as personal reflections of her own experiences. We had the pleasure this past week again, and word has gotten round, for many came to join us at The Magic Tree Reading Spot, and it was clear that we all were captivated.

Not one to hesitate, TerryLynn dove right into the hour, and we followed as she made her way through a winding path of experiences from her childhood and youth, as well as more recently. All was related in her very expressive voice, touching and intimately present. Tone and inflection revealed every nuance of emotion, personal and profound; it was as if TerryLynn were revisiting those moments as she shared them. It was quite an hour, and it was cathartic for some – and I dare say, soul-stirring for all. Revealing the human spirit in its struggle with loss and pain – and its eventual triumph by its own sheer strength and perspicacity – is a thrilling, if now and again sobering, experience.

As I watched this event unfolding, I could not help but think that, “Ce Soir is made for this.” Indeed, the facing of truth and the exploration of beauty – and the expression of both by stark as well as nuanced means – is exactly why Ce Soir exists in the first place. People are our focus: eminently, completely, definitely, and TerryLynn‘s poetry makes the case. Thank you, TerryLynn, for sharing your most precious works, proving once more the power of the written – and spoken – word.

Look for more readings with TerryLynn at The Magic Tree. Come, discover yourself here and be inspired…tonight!

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