And…we’re back! Missing posts will be unearthed, but we must move on!

Just a quick note to let you know that…well…one of us must have deleted three posts. The thing is, neither of us remembers doing that. I suppose it’s possible that I deleted one and Aeon lost two. Or…perhaps it’s the other way around, with me deleting the greater number and he the lesser….

What does this mean? Have we finally gone over the cliff into true insanity? Are our synapses going wonky?

No answers seem forthcoming, so we’ll just accept the situation as-is. Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Move along, now. That’s the ticket.


So…with a note of apology and a promise to resurrect what we can of those three (particularly stellar, if I do say) posts, we leave you to await our next installment of the ever-so-fascinating tale of Ce Soir. I laugh, knowing what comes next: something truly spectacular that is to happen in mere hours!

Stay tuned…

And: merci bien !

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